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Thu Jul 25 2002

TOC: Reading and Writing, Vol.15 No.5/6

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Message 1: Reading and Writing Vol.15, Issue 5/6

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 02:01:57 +0200 (METDST)
From: kap-listman <>
Subject: Reading and Writing Vol.15, Issue 5/6

Reading and Writing
An Interdisciplinary Journal

ISSN 0922-4777

Vol. 15, Issue 5/6, September 2002.

TITLE: Introduction
AUTHOR(S): Margaret J. Snowling, Jean-Emile Gombert
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Early literacy, Literacy, Phonological awareness,
PAGE(S): 433-437

TITLE: Is sensitivity to rhyme a developmental precursor to sensitivity
to phoneme?: Evidence from individuals with Down syndrome
AUTHOR(S): Claudia Cardoso-Martins, Mirelle Franca Michalick,
Tatiana Cury Pollo
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Phoneme detection, Rhyme detection.
PAGE(S): 439-454

TITLE: Children with Down syndrome use phonological knowledge
in reading
AUTHOR(S): Jean-Emile Gombert
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Learning to read, Phonemes, Phonological
awareness, Rhyme.
PAGE(S): 455-469

TITLE: A deficit in rime awareness in children with Down syndrome
AUTHOR(S): Margaret J. Snowling, Charles Hulme, Robin C.
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Letter knowledge, Phoneme detection, Reading
ability, Rhyming ability.
PAGE(S): 471-495

TITLE: Literacy skills in children and adolescents with Down syndrome
AUTHOR(S): Donna Boudreau
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Early literacy, Literacy, Phonological awareness,
PAGE(S): 497-525

TITLE: Relationships between reading, phonological skills and
language development in individuals with Down syndrome:
A five year follow-up study
AUTHOR(S): Glynis Laws, Deborah Gunn
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Language, Literacy, Phonological memory.
PAGE(S): 527-548

TITLE: The efficacy of 'whole word` versus 'analytic` reading
instruction for children with Down syndrome
AUTHOR(S): Linda Cupples, Teresa Iacono
KEYWORD(S): Down syndrome, Intellectual disability, Intervention, Phonological
awareness, Reading instruction.
PAGE(S): 549-574

TITLE: Investigating reading development in atypical populations:
The case of Williams syndrome
AUTHOR(S): Emma Laing
KEYWORD(S): Atypical development, Phonetic cues, Phonological awareness,
Reading, Williams syndrome.
PAGE(S): 575-587

TITLE: A linguistic dissociation in Williams syndrome: Good at
gender agreement but poor at lexical retrieval
AUTHOR(S): Sandrine Monnery, Alix Seigneuric, Daniel Zagar,
Fabrice Robichon
KEYWORD(S): Gender-ending regularities, Grammatical agreement, Grammatical
gender, Morphosyntax, Williams syndrome.
PAGE(S): 589-612

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