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  1. Rowan Wilson, THE LANGUAGE OF THE THIRD REICH by Victor Klemperer

Message 1: THE LANGUAGE OF THE THIRD REICH by Victor Klemperer

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:40:16 +0100
From: Rowan Wilson <>
Subject: THE LANGUAGE OF THE THIRD REICH by Victor Klemperer

LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii

Victor Klemperer

'Brilliantly conceived analysis that sought to crystallize the meaning
of Nazism from its official language'Gordon A. Craig, Stanford
University'...the most profound and entertaining study ever written in
English of the impact of political tyranny on language. This book is a
necessary and fascinating read' Mark Mazower, New Statesman'It
deserves to be read by anyone interested in this period of history. A
classic in the literature on National Socialism.' Michael Burleigh,
TLS'valuable...compelling...classic.'Hans Reiss, Emeritus Professor of
German, University of Bristol in THESUnder the Third Reich, the
official language of Nazism came to be used as a political tool. The
existing social culture was manipulated and subverted as the German
people had their ethical values and their thoughts about politics,
history and daily life recast in a new language. This notebook,
translated by Martin Brady and originally called LTI (Lingua Tertii
Imperii) - the abbreviation itself a parody of Nazified language - was
written out of Klemperer's conviction that the language of the Third
Reich helped to create its culture. As Klemperer writes: 'it isn't
only Nazi actions that have to vanish, but also the Nazi cast of mind,
the typical Nazi way of thinking, and its breeding ground: the
language of Nazism.'This brilliant, entertaining, profound and
ultimately saddening and horrifying book, is one of the great
Twentieth-Century studies of language and of its engagement with

HB 0 485 11526 3 / �45.00 / $90.00
PB 0 8264 5777 0 / �14.99 / $22.95 / 304 pp / May 2002


Heroism (Instead of an Introduction)
1. LTI
2. Prelude
3. Distinguishig Feature: Poverty
4. Partenau
5. From the Diary of the First Year
6. The First Three Words of the Nazi Language
7. Aufziehen
8. Ten Years of Fascism
9. Fanatical
10. Autochthonous Writing
11. Blurring Boundaries
12. Punctuation
13. Names
14. Kohlenklau
15. Knif
16. On a Single Working Day
17. 'System' and 'Organisation'
18. I Believe in Him
19. Personal Announcements as an LTI Revision Book
20. What Remains?
21. German Roots
22. A Sunny Weltanschauung (Chance Discoveries
Whilst Reading)
23. If Two People Do the Same Thing...
24. Cafe Europa
25. The Star
26. The Jewish War
27. The Jewish Spectacles
28. The Language of the Victor
29. Zion
30. The Curse of the Superlative
31. From the Great Movement Forward...
32. Boxing
33. Gefolgschaft
34. The One Syllable
35. Running Hot and Cold
36. Putting the Theory to the Test'Cos of Certain Expressions' (An Afterword)

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