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Wed Aug 14 2002

Disc: Tense and Lax i

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  1. Peter T. Daniels, Re: 13.2077, Disc: Tense and Lax i

Message 1: Re: 13.2077, Disc: Tense and Lax i

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:38:13 -0400
From: Peter T. Daniels <>
Subject: Re: 13.2077, Disc: Tense and Lax i

Re Linguist 13.2076 and Linguist 13.2077

Karen Steffen Chung wrote:

> And it is part of a larger pattern. /ae/ and /E/ are also both
> raised before the voiced velar consonants, /N/ and /g/, though the
> raising seems most pronounced before /N/. Compare _pick_ with _pig_
> and _ping_; _back_ with _bag_ and _bang_; and _peck_ with _peg_ and
> _strength_. I have a Web page on this for my phonetics classes at:
> with more examples and sound files.

Ah, but not in New York: I don't find any raising in "pig" and "peg,"
"ping" and "strength" (but does this have to do with pin/pen merger in
much of Illinois?); and "back" and "bang" have the same phoneme (MARRY),
versus "bag" (MARY).
Peter T. Daniels
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