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Wed Aug 14 2002

TOC: GLOT International, Volume 6 Number 5

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  1. Raywood Stephen, GLOT 6:5 now live

Message 1: GLOT 6:5 now live

Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 15:45:23 +0100
From: Raywood Stephen <>
Subject: GLOT 6:5 now live

We are pleased to announce that issue 6:5 of GLOT International is now
live and available only at Linguist List, through Blackwell's Linguist
List Plus (LL+). Published ten times a year, GLOT International is provided
in electronic form only, which LL+ subscribers are free to download and print
for their own use. For information on subscribing to LL+, or for a sample
issue of GLOT, go to, or simply click the
Linguist List Plus link on the Linguist List home page.

Glot International, Issue 6:5
Table of Contents
Editors: Lisa Cheng and Rint Sybesma
Dissertations: Jenny Doetjes, Paula Fikkert 
Squibs: Jonathan Bobaljik, Susi Wurmbrand 
Conference reports: Andrew Simpson 
Goodies: Rob Goedemans
Editorial Manager: Marjo van Koppen

In this issue: volume 6, number 5

State of the Article

John Frederick Bailyn on Scrambling to reduce scrambling - Part 2
"Mechanically, the reconstruction property of (A') scrambling is not
a difficult problem given the Copy Theory of Movement (Chomsky
1995a). Under this account, an element is copied from base position to
one or more displaced positions and the phonology and semantic
components in effect choose which of the two copies to interpret. With
overt movement, PF interprets the higher position; with
reconstruction, LF interprets the lower copy. Thus it is not the
reconstruction property per se that requires explanation under
Minimalist assumptions. Rather, it is the existence of the
displacement itself that is at issue, raising two related questions of
theoretical significance, which I will call the 'feature (or
agreement) problem' and the 'optionality and motivation problem'. "

Column: Recent issues in linguistics 

Elan Dresher on Crouching philosopher, hidden linguist "I have to
confess that I, too, from time to time have felt that there is
something wrong with the nature of scientific discussion in the
field. I feel this most acutely when I read an article on a topic I
have worked on that doesn't cite me. 'Something is wrong,' I think, as
I scan the reference list that has no names between Drachmann and
Dressler, 'with the nature of scientific discussion in the field.'"

Dissertations: Three forms of case agreement in Korean By Sungeun Cho
Reviewed by Dong-Whee Yang 
Knowledge and learning in natural language By Charles D. Yang 
Reviewed by Walter Daelemans 

Glot International
Vol. 6, No. 5, May 2002 
Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2002,
108 Cowley Road, Oxford, UK and 250 Main Street, Malden MA 02148,
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