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Mon Aug 19 2002

Disc: Tense and Lax i

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  1. paola escudero, Re: Re: 13.2076, Disc: Tense and lax i

Message 1: Re: Re: 13.2076, Disc: Tense and lax i

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:03:27 -0400
From: paola escudero <>
Subject: Re: Re: 13.2076, Disc: Tense and lax i

Hi again,
In my previous email, I stated that in Canadian French the /I/ allophone 
occurs only in closed syllables. However, as I have been reminded, I 
should have said that it "mainly" occurs in that context, since /I/ for 
/i/ is obligatory in stressed closed syllables but it can optionally, 
and for some speakers only, occur in unstressed open syllables by a 
process of vowel harmony. For instance, a form like 'civil' can be 
produced [sivIl] or [sIvIl] (for details, see Denis Dumas 'Structure de 
la diphtongaison qu�b�coise' Canadian Journal of Linguistics 

Apologies for my mistake.

Paola Escudero
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