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Mon Aug 19 2002

Calls: Phonology, Theoretical Ling

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  1. Patrick Honeybone, Calls: Phonology in Toulouse 2003 - headhood, representations, constraints
  2. hdls, Final call: 5th Annual High Desert Linguistics Conf - Uni. of

Message 1: Calls: Phonology in Toulouse 2003 - headhood, representations, constraints

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:14:20 +0100
From: Patrick Honeybone <>
Subject: Calls: Phonology in Toulouse 2003 - headhood, representations, constraints

TOULOUSE 7-11 July 2003

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: 'From Representations to Constraints'


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The phonology team of the Equipe de Recherche en Syntaxe et Semantique
(CNRS & Universite de Toulouse-Le Mirail) in partnership with the GDR
1954 Phonologie du CNRS, is organising an international conference on
the theme 'From Representations to Constraints'. Coordinator: Elsa

The conference is made up of two parts:

1) "Headhood, contrastivity and specification"
Coordinators: P. Carr & J. Durand
Dates: Monday 7 July to Wednesday (morning) 9 July

2) "From representations to constraints and from constraints to
representations" Coordinators: L. Labrune & E. Gomez-Imbert.
Dates: Wednesday (afternoon) 9 July to Friday (afternoon) 11 July

Scientific Committee: Luigi Burzio, Phil Carr, Nick Clements, Francois
Dell, Jacques Durand, Colin Ewen, Elsa Gomez-Imbert, John Harris,
Harry van der Hulst, Abdelkrim Jebbour, Laurence Labrune, Chantal
Lyche, Joan Mascara, Carole Paradis, Patrick Sauzet.

The list of guest speakers includes: John Anderson, Luigi Burzio,
Teresa Cabra, Francois Dell, Colleen Fitzgerald, Shosuke Haraguchi,
John Harris, Harry van der Hulst, Darlene La Charite, Maria-Rosa
Lloret, Carole Paradis, Pilar Prieto, Curt Rice, Filomena Spatti

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The aim of this conference is to explore, on the one hand, the nature
of concepts such as headhood, contrast and specification in phonology
and, on the other, the part played by representations in
constraint-based phonologies. Most phonological frameworks appeal to
the notion of head within phonological domains and, while this notion
may seem transparent, questions remain about its homogeneity from
domain to domain: for example within syllabic constituents, stress
groups and infrasegmental structure. Closely linked to this question
is that of the specification of phonological elements and the role
played by contrast in the establishment of phonological
structure. While the role of constraints within phonological theories
is now well supported, various constraint based theories such as
Optimality Theory are not theories of representations. Nevertheless,
representational questions continue to pose problems. Do they emerge
from constraints or do they need to be given a central place within
phonological theory? And if so, how can their form be specified? These
are some of the questions which will be addressed at the conference.

The whole conference will be made up of 40 papers of 50 mins each
(including discussion time), poster sessions and a round table for
each part of the conference. Twenty of the papers will be by
invitation, and twenty papers will be selected by the scientific
committee on the basis of the abstracts. Please send an anonymised
summary of 400 words maximum, specifying whether you wish to be
considered for a paper and/or a poster presentation.

Languages: French and English.


Elsa Gomez-Imbert
Maison de la Recherche
5 allees Antonio Machado
Universite de Toulouse-Le Mirail
F-31058 Toulouse cedex 1

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This message was posted for Elsa Gomez-Imbert; please send any replies
to the email address above.
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Message 2: Final call: 5th Annual High Desert Linguistics Conf - Uni. of

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 11:43:27 -0600
From: hdls <>
Subject: Final call: 5th Annual High Desert Linguistics Conf - Uni. of

New Mexico

The abstract deadline has been extended to August 25th for the 
5th Annual High Desert Linguistics Conference

 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
 November 1 - 2, 2002.

Keynote speakers:

 Ronald Langacker, University of California, San Diego

 Barbara King, College of William & Mary

We invite the submission of proposals for 20-minute talks with 10
minute discussion sessions in any area of linguistics from any
theoretical perspective. Papers in the following areas are especially

Evolution of language, Language change & variation, Grammaticization,
Applied linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Researching Metaphor &
Metonymy, Signed languages, Native American languages, and
Computational linguistics.

The Call for Papers can be found at

In addition, the guidelines for abstracts can be found at

The new deadline for submitting abstracts is August 25th, 2002 and the
acceptance & notification date will be August 28th, 2002

If you have any questions or need for further information please
contact either Christopher Shank ( or Gabe Waters at
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