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Mon Aug 26 2002

FYI: NEH Education Grants, Benediktsson Papers

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  1. Jennifer Serventi, NEH Exemplary Education Projects Grants
  2. Hoskuldur Thrainsson, Old Icelandic/Norse/Germanic/Indo-European

Message 1: NEH Exemplary Education Projects Grants

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:44:15 +0000
From: Jennifer Serventi <>
Subject: NEH Exemplary Education Projects Grants

The National Endowment for the Humanities supports school teachers and
college faculty in the United States who wish to strengthen the
teaching and learning of history, literature, foreign languages and
cultures, philosophy, religion, and other areas of the humanities. The
Division of Education Programs announces the next deadline for the
Exemplary Education Projects grant program.

The Exemplary Education Projects grant program provides support for
projects to improve the teaching and learning of all disciplines in
the humanities. Projects may include faculty and curriculum
development, materials development, and dissemination efforts. The NEH
staff encourages consultation with program staff prior to submitting
an application.

Application Receipt deadline: October 15, 2002 Funding available: up
to $250,000 for projects lasting up to three years Guidelines and
application forms are available at the NEH website:

For more information about this grant opportunity or if you have ideas
about developing a project, please contact us.
Division of Education Programs		
National Endowment for the Humanities
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. , Room 302			
Washington, D.C. 20506
Phone: 202/606-8380
FAX: 202/606-8394
TDD (for hearing impaired only) 202/606-8282

Please see notice about delivery of US mail on the Endowment's
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Message 2: Old Icelandic/Norse/Germanic/Indo-European

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 11:29:51 -0000
From: Hoskuldur Thrainsson <>
Subject: Old Icelandic/Norse/Germanic/Indo-European

The Linguistic Institute of the University of Iceland is publishing a
collection of papers by Professor Hreinn Benediktsson. The title of
the book is "Linguistic Studies, Historical and Comparative, by Hreinn
Benediktsson" and the editors are Gudrun Thorhallsdottir, Hoskuldur
Thrainsson, Jon G. Fridjonsson and Kjartan Ottosson. The collection
contains 27 papers, all in English, an Introduction (by Kjartan
Ottosson), a bibliography (some 1000 titles), index, etc. It is being
published as a Festschrift for Professor Benediktsson, who retired in
1997. It is a hardbound volume of some 630 pages and the price will
presumably be around USD 130. The book will be printed in September
but there is still room on the Tabula Gratulatoria (contact Birgitta
Bragadottir, Institute of Linguistics ( by August 28 -
the subscription price is USD 110). The table of contents is as
follows (except for the (Old) Icelandic letters which may get lost in
this e-mail version):

 Tabula gratulatoria
 Introduction (Kjartan Ottosson)

1. History of Linguistics
 The First Grammatical Treatise: The Fundamentals of Its Theory of

2. Phonology: Historical and Synchronic
 The Proto-Germanic Vowel System
 The Common Nordic Vowel System
 The Vowel System of Icelandic: A Survey of Its History
 The Unstressed and the Non-Syllabic Vowels of Old Icelandic
 Phonemic Neutralization and Inaccurate Rhymes
 Phonemic Merger and Phonemic Indeterminacy: Old Icelandic /o,/
 Old Norse Short e: One Phoneme or Two?
 Some Aspects of Nordic Umlaut and Breaking
 Indirect Changes of Phonological Structure: Nordic Vowel Quantity
 Aspects of Historical Phonology
 An Extinct Icelandic Dialect Feature: y vs. i
 Relational Sound Change: v� > vo in Icelandic
 The Non-Uniqueness of Phonemic Solutions: Quantity and Stress in

3. Historical Morphology and Syntax
 On the Inflection of the n-Stems in Indo-European
 The Germanic Subjunctive: a Morphological Review
 The 1st Singular Preterite Subjunctive in Germanic
 The 1st Singular Present Indicative of Strong Verbs in Old Norwegian
 The Old Icelandic Enclitic 2nd Pers. Pronoun -�o
 On the Inflection of the Masculine ia-Stems in Icelandic
 OIcel. oxe, uxe: Morphology and Phonology
 The Old Icelandic Adjective mikill : mykill
 The Icelandic Adjective lypur
 Icel. �miss
 The Old Icelandic Verbs kj�sa and frj�sa
 Icelandic vera a� + Infinitive: Age and Origin
 The Modern Icelandic Indefinite Pronouns nokkur, nokku�


The book will be available to non-subscribers in October - and you can, of
course, order it then - or have your library order it (contact the Institute
of Linguistics, University of Iceland, 101 Reykjavik, ICELAND

Hoskuldur Thrainsson

H�skuldur �r�insson, pr�fessor Professor Hoskuldur Thrainsson
�slenskuskor H�sk�la �slands Department of Icelandic
�rnagar�i v. Su�urg�tu Arnagardi v. Sudurgotu
101 Reykjav�k IS-101 Reykjavik, ICELAND
netfang: e-mail:
heimas��a: web site:
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