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Mon Jan 28 2002

Qs: Ling Calendar, Edmonson & Solnit/Comp Kadai

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  1. Mikael Parkvall, Linguistic calendar
  2. qin, Comparative Kadai by Edmonson & Solnit

Message 1: Linguistic calendar

Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 19:00:07 +0100
From: Mikael Parkvall <>
Subject: Linguistic calendar

Don't we all feel the need for an academic excuse for partying every
once in a while?

Well, I have made a modest attempt to provide one. Or rather, hundreds
of them. There's a draft version of a "Linguistic Calendar" at

(it is _very_ much a draft version, so please ignore the crappy

Events featured this far include: The first public demonstration of
the voice synthesizer "Euphonium", the discovery of Broca's Area, the
submission of Jules Gilleron's thesis, the birth of revived Hebrew,
Saussure taking a sabbatical from Sorbonne, the coining of the words
"Boycott" and "(computer) bug", details on the correspondence between
Frege and Russell, Chomky and Bloomfield getting married (not to each
other, duh), the publication dates of "Aspects" and "The Mimimalist
Program", the start of the Inuktitut language week, and public
language-related holidays in Estonia, Finland, Modavia, Bulgaria and
Korea, the beginning of Washoe's language training, etc.

The intention is to feature at least one event of major or lesser
language-related significance for each day. I discovered, though, that
while it would be pretty easy to make a linguistic timeline with
important events of this or that _year_, it is considerably more
difficult to do so for each _day_. Birth and deaths are relatively
easy to find, as well as the passing of various language laws, but
listing only such events tend to be somewhat monotonous. I would
therefore be happy for any input that you may have on the
calendar. With your help, maybe the end result could be a list of 365
good reasons to end the day at the pub.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mikael Parkvall
Institutionen f�r lingvistik
Stockholms Universitet
(rum 276)
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Message 2: Comparative Kadai by Edmonson & Solnit

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 23:53:50 +0800
From: qin <>
Subject: Comparative Kadai by Edmonson & Solnit

Dear Readers,

 I'm very much interested in a book named Comparative Kadai
(written by Edmomson & Solnit). I'm in great need of it, but with
great efforts it's still unavailable to me. I'm particularly
interested in the part"Wuming Zhuang tone sandhi: A phonological,
syntactic and lexical investigation'. If anyone can tell me how I can
get it I will appreciate it very much if you can do me such a favour.

 I'm looking forward to your response.
 Thanks a million!

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