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Fri Sep 13 2002

Sum: DP as a Phase

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  1. Jonny Butler, DP as a phase

Message 1: DP as a phase

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 06:54:50 +0000
From: Jonny Butler <>
Subject: DP as a phase

A month or so ago I posted a query (Linguist 13.2045) looking for info/refs 
on DP as a Phase, in the sense of Chomsky (1999). Thanks to all who responded:
names and summaries are provided below.

* Atakan Ynce gave some evidence from Turkish, which unfortunately I
can't reproduce as it didn't come out properly on my browser. But
this, briefly, is what it was about:

`There is a question particle in Turkish {-mI}. It can follow many
phrases... -mI cannot follow the domain of a DP, but it can follow the
edge of DP. Thus we contend that DP is also, at least in Turkish :), a

* Zeljko Boskovic has discussed the matter briefly in a recent paper
`On Left Branch Extraction', to appear in the Proceedings of Formal
Descriptions of Slavic Languages 4.

* Krzysztof Migdalski gave the following ref:

Rappaport, Gilbert, C. 2001. "The Geometry of the Polish
Nominal Phrase: Problems, Progress, and Prospects".
Generative Linguistics in Poland: Syntax and Morphosyntax,
ed. by Piotr Banski, and Adam Przepiorkowski, 173-89.
Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences. The paper is available
in PDF format at:

* Rodrigo Gutierrez-Bravo has evidence from Spanish relating to
wh-extraction out of DP, in a paper presented at the 11th Colloquium
on Generative Grammar, University of Zaragoza, April 2001

Thanks also to those who misread my original message and were kind
enough to take pity on someone they thought a buffoon who had never
even heard of Abney, and send me any number of refs on DP as a
phrase. I am now more convinced than ever that D projects.

Jonny Butler 
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