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Fri Sep 13 2002

Confs: North East Ling Society - Cambridge, MA

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  1. Marketa Ceplova, NELS 33 Program

Message 1: NELS 33 Program

Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:35:39 -0400
From: Marketa Ceplova <ceplovaMIT.EDU>
Subject: NELS 33 Program

				 NELS 33

		Conference of the North East Linguistic Society

			 November 8-10, 2002

 	 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 


Preregistration fees: before OCTOBER 8, 2002
	$25 (US) for students
	$35 (US) for others
After October 8, 2002 and On-site registration: 
	$35 (US) for students
	$45 (US) for others

For further information, including the registration form, please
consult the NELS 33 website.


This schedule will be updated on the NELS 33 web page as more
information becomes available. You can also find information about
accommodations on the web page.

Friday, November 8
- ----------------
9:00 Nonconfigurationality - special session in memory of Ken Hale:
 Judith Aissen (UCSC): "Bidirectional Optimization in
	nonconfigurational contexts: Evidence from Mayan"
 Mark Baker (Rutgers): "Nonconfigurationality and agreement: new 
	evidence from Mapudungun"
 Mamoru Saito (Nanzan): "On the Role of Selection in the Application
	of Merge"

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Session I - Phonology
 Bert Vaux (Harvard): "Iterativity & Optionality"
 Patrick Bye (Troms�): "Opacity, Transparency, and Unification in the 
	Phonology of Tiberian Hebrew"
 Eun-Sook Kim (U. British Columbia): "Patterns of Reduplication in

14:30 Coffee Break

14:45 Session II - Syntax/Semantics
 Julie Legate (Harvard): "The How's of wh-scope Marking"
 Shoichi Takahashi (MIT): "More Than Two Quantifiers"

15:45 Poster Session I

16:45 Session III - Semantics
 Tom Werner (Rutgers): "Deducing the Future"
 Claudia Maienborn (ZAS Berlin): "Against a Davidsonian Analysis of
	the Copula"
 Tania Ionin & Ora Matushansky (MIT & CNRS): "Encasing the Time"

Saturday, November 9
- ------------------
9:00 Session IV - Syntax/Semantics
 Eric Potsdam (U. Florida): "Evidence for Semantic Identity under
	Ellipsis from Malagasy Sluicing"
 Junko Ochi & Masao Ochi (Osaka/UConn): "Reciprocity and Null Operator
 Fabian Heck & Uli Sauerland (Stuttgart & T�bingen/UMass): "LF
	Intervention Effects in Pied Piping"

10:30 Coffee Break

10:45 Session V - Semantics
 Kimiko Nakanishi (UPenn): "Semantics of Measure Functions"
 Chris Potts (UCSC): "Expressive Content as Conventional Implicature"
 Luisa Marti (UConn): "Only, Context Reconstruction, and Informativity"

12:15 Lunch

13.45 Session VI - Syntax
 Barbara Citko (UConn): "ATB Questions and the Nature of Merge"
 Barbara Urogdi (Stonybrook): "Feature-Doubling Verb Modifiers in

14.45 Poster Session II

15.45 Session VII - Phonology
 Alan Yu (Berkeley/Concordia): "Infixing with a Vengeance"
 Jon Nissenbaum et. al (Mass Eye and Ear): "High Speed MRI: A New Means
	for Assessing Phonetic Control of Voicing and f0"
 Zhiqiang Li (MIT): "A Perceptual Account of Asymmetries in Tonal

17.15 Coffee Break

17.30 Invited Talk
 Donca Steriade (MIT): "Well-formedness Conditions vs. Lexical
	Generalizations: the Phonology of Romance Agentives"

19.15 Party at MIT Museum

Sunday, November 10
- -----------------
10.00 Invited Talk 
 Arnim von Stechow (T�bingen): "Logophoric Tense and Mood"

11.30 Session VIII - Syntax
 Jonathan Bobaljik & Susi Wurmbrand (McGill): "Long Distance Object
	Agreement, Restructuring, and Anti-reconstruction"
 Emi Mukai (Kyushu U.): "Verbless Conjunction in Japanese"

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Session IX - Syntax/Semantics
 Sigrid Beck, et al.(UConn): "Comparative Constructions in Japanese and
 Liina Pylkk�nen (NYU): "Distributing Depictives"
 Orin Percus & Uli Sauerland (T�bingen/UMass): "Binding Restrictions in
	Attitude Reports"

- ---------
 Arto Anttila (NYU): "Finnish Assibilation"
 Andries Coetzee (UMass): "Does the Infinite Candidate Set Predict an
Infinite Typology"

 Hooi Ling Soh (Minnesota/Twin Cities): "ACD Constructions in Mandarin"
 Susi Wurmbrand (McGill): "A-Movement to the Point of No Return"

 Luis Alonzo-Ovalle & Paula Menendez-Benito (UMass): "Indefinities and
Quantification: The Case of Spanish"
 Bridget Copley (MIT): "Stativity Over and Under the Future Modal"

- ------
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