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Tue Sep 17 2002

Qs: Inuktitut Word, Lang Teaching Models

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  1. Ralph W. McDowell, Inuktitut word, "Ikirtuuq"
  2. Stanley Dubinsky, question on language teaching models

Message 1: Inuktitut word, "Ikirtuuq"

Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 22:05:24 -0400
From: Ralph W. McDowell <>
Subject: Inuktitut word, "Ikirtuuq"

Does anyone know the English meaning of the Inuktitut word "Ikirtuuq"?
It's the name of a lake in Northern Quebec's Nunavik region and is
located about 90 nautical miles west of the village of Kuujjuaq. Any
help would be appreciated.

Thank you, 
Ralph McDowell
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Message 2: question on language teaching models

Date: Tue, 17 Sep 02 10:30:23 EDT
From: Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSKVM.SC.EDU>
Subject: question on language teaching models


We are interested in finding out information about various models for
running first year language courses. Our university currently uses
Model I, and we are exploring the possibility of implementing Model

Model I
Each professor or graduate assistant (second year, or more) teaches
their own section of 20-25 students (i.e. is the "instructor of
record" for their section).

Model II
A professor lectures one hour per week to a class of 60-75 students,
while three graduate assistants (possibly first year) each meet with a
section of 20-25 students for three hours/week of drills, etc. The
lecturing professor is the "instructor of record" for all 60-75
students and supervises the graduate teaching assistants.

Our goal in exploring Model II is to make better use of our first year
graduate students, who are not allowed to be an instructor of record
(i.e. cannot manage their own classes) due to accreditation rules.

We would like to know whether your language departments currently
utilize Method II (or something similar), and whether it has been

If there are sufficient responses, We will summarize for the list.

Stan Dubinsky Allen Miller
Linguistics Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
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