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Wed Sep 25 2002

Qs: Syllabicity Markings, French Speech Synthesis

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  1. Marc Fryd, Syllabicity mark with Unicode IPA
  2. ZL Handley, RE: evaluation of speech synthesis: French

Message 1: Syllabicity mark with Unicode IPA

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 14:43:03 +0200
From: Marc Fryd <>
Subject: Syllabicity mark with Unicode IPA


Does anyone know if it is possible to superimpose precisely the
syllabicity mark with /l/, /m/ and /n/ in any of the Unicode fonts? I
have tried Lucida sans Unicode and I find the diacritic is placed
slightly to the right of the above character.


Marc Fryd
Universite de Poitiers
95 avenue du Recteur Pineau, 86022 Poitiers
Work: 33(0)5 49 45 48 11
Home: 33(0)6 76 28 18 50
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Message 2: RE: evaluation of speech synthesis: French

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 14:05:51 +0100
From: ZL Handley <>
Subject: RE: evaluation of speech synthesis: French


I am currently working on the evaluation of speech synthesis for use
in computer-assisted language learning for my PhD. In particular the
evaluation of both French and English speech synthesisers for use in
language learning and teaching.

I have found a lot of literature on the subject of the evaluation of
speech synthesis however I am finding it difficult finding the corpora
that are used in the proposed evaluation paradigms, in particular for
French (any links/articles with corpora for the evaluation of English
speech synthesis are also welcomed) which is the language I am most
interested in.

To date I have found the corpora of part of the EUROM1, BDSONS, and
BDBRUIT corpora for testing French (available from However the full
written corpora are not available at this address and I cannot find
them elsewhere.

- I was wondering whether anyone knew where I could get the full
written corpora from?

- Where I coud get documentation on the construction of this corpus

My most pressing need is to find the corpora for intellibibility tests
for French:
The following articles are not available in my library, I was
therefore wondering whether anyone could tell me whether they are
worth ordering, do they have the written corpora in them?

Bacriand P. Graillot, Intelligibilite de Phrases en Parole 
 Naturelle, Codees et de Synthese. 1986, CNET.
Benoit,C. Intelligibility Test for the Assessment of French 
 Synthesisers using Semantically Unpredicatble 
 Sentences. in ESCA Workshop on Speech 
 Input/Output Assessment and Speech Databases. 
 1989. Noordwijkerhout.
Combescure,P., 20 Listes de Dix Phrases Phonetiquement 
 Equilibrees. Revue d'Acoustique, 1981. 56: p. 34-38.
Graillot, P., F. Emerard, and L. J, Tests de rime appliques des
 systemes de synthese par diphones. 1983, CNET.

Or are there other articles/papers/books/web-sites on this subject in
which I will find the corpora?


Zoe Handley
- --------------------------------------------------------
MPhil by research (subject: Evaluation of speech synthesis for
	computer assisted langauge learning)
Centre for Computational Linguistics - MB/C25c
UMIST PO Box 88 Manchester M60 1QD UK 
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