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Wed Jan 30 2002

FYI: Grammar Tool, Grants, Fieldwork in Africa

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  1. Matthias Trautner Kromann, Free internet tool for grammaticality rating surveys
  2. Serventi, Jennifer, 2002 NEH Humanities Focus Grants
  3. McLaughlin, Fiona,

Message 1: Free internet tool for grammaticality rating surveys

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 11:40:57 +0100
From: Matthias Trautner Kromann <>
Subject: Free internet tool for grammaticality rating surveys

We hereby invite the readers of LINGUIST List to a sneak preview of, a free internet tool for conducting and
publishing grammaticality rating surveys. The purpose of Linguist-GRID
is to automate the most laborious aspects of grammaticality rating
surveys (registration of informants, data gathering, data analysis and
publication) and to facilitate resource sharing between linguists.
Thus, all you have to do to set up a grammaticality rating survey, is to
enter your sentences into the Linguist-GRID database, select one or
more scales and comment fields that you want to use (you may create
your own scales), and ask some informants to fill out your survey on
Linguist-GRID. All the rest is performed automatically by

The sneak preview is open to everybody, but we are particularly
interested in the following categories of people:

 * linguists who want to test the web site by conducting
 grammaticality rating surveys;

 * empirical linguists who can advise us on how to improve the 
 site, and how to write guidelines that tell experimenters how to
 design better surveys and create reasonable scales for judging

 * linguists with good ideas for improving the automatic analysis
 of grammaticality rating surveys, or for giving Linguist-GRID 
 the ability to perform other kinds of surveys;

 * volunteers who want to join the Linguist-GRID effort by helping
 with the documentation or contributing new features to the
 underlying Perl CGI programs (which are released under the GNU
 public license).

The web site is fully functional, although some features and
documentation are still not fully implemented. Linguist-GRID is very
far from being the answer to all problems in empirical linguistics,
though, so we hope to foster a strong community of linguists and
programmers who can extend the scope and sophistication of
Linguist-GRID to better serve the needs of empirical linguists in the

The address of the Linguist-GRID web-site is: 

For an example of automatically generated survey results, see:

For an example of a survey form, see:

If you try Linguist-GRID, we are very interested in hearing about any
problems that you have encountered, any ideas for improvement, or any
offers to contribute to the Linguist-GRID development. Feel free to
email us at "". 

Matthias T. Kromann

Matthias Trautner Kromann Dept of Computational Linguistics
Email: Copenhagen Business School
Web: Bernhard Bangs All´┐Ż 17B
Phone: (+45) 3321 0960 DK-2000 Frederiksberg C, DENMARK
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Message 2: 2002 NEH Humanities Focus Grants

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 13:24:48 -0500
From: Serventi, Jennifer <>
Subject: 2002 NEH Humanities Focus Grants


The National Endowment for the Humanities
supports school teachers and college faculty in 
the United States who wish to strengthen 
teaching and learning in history, literature,
foreign languages and cultures, and other
areas of the humanities. The Division of 
Education Programs announces the next 
deadline for the Humanities Focus Grants 

Humanities Focus Grants, typically of one year
in duration, support collaborative study of
significant humanities topics and enable 
educators to map institutional directions for 
teaching the humanities. Humanities Focus 
Grants are particularly appropriate and are 
encouraged for first-time applicants. The NEH 
staff encourages consultation with program 
staff prior to submitting an application.

Application deadline: April 15, 2002
Funding available: up to $25,000 
Guidelines and application forms are available
from the NEH Web site at 

For more information about this grant 
opportunity, or if you have ideas about 
developing a project, please e-mail, write or call:

Division of Education Programs 
National Endowment for the Humanities
Room 302
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20506
Phone: 202/606-8380
FAX: 202/606-8394
TDD (for hearing impaired only) 202/606-8282

Please see notice about delivery of US mail 
on the Endowment's homepage
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Message 3:

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 12:49:48 -0600
From: McLaughlin, Fiona <>

The West African Research Center in Dakar, Senegal, is organizing an
international interdisciplinary symposium on fieldwork in Africa, from June
12-15, 2002. If you are interested in participating in a panel on
linguistic fieldwork in Africa, please contact Fiona Mc Laughlin, Department
of Linguistics, University of Kansas.
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