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Sun Oct 6 2002

Qs: English Syntax Text, Artificial Bilingualism

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  1. Dutkova-Cope, Lida, Syntax and Semantics for undergrad/grad students
  2. Marion Griessler, Artificial Bilingualism

Message 1: Syntax and Semantics for undergrad/grad students

Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 15:41:12 -0400
Subject: Syntax and Semantics for undergrad/grad students

Dear colleagues:

I have taught a graduate course Structure of English: Syntax and
semantics using R. Jakobs' English Syntax: A grammar for English
language professionals. This course will include both grad and
undergrad students next semester. Would any of you recommend another
text also appropriate for undergraduate students? I know that Jakobs'
book can be used with both groups. However, some students come to us
with no or very little knowledge of grammar (esp. in-service teachers
seeking a certificate in teaching English as a second language) so
this book was rather difficult for them.

Thank you very much!

Lida Dutkova-Cope
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Message 2: Artificial Bilingualism

Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 05:10:39 +0000
From: Marion Griessler <>
Subject: Artificial Bilingualism

Dear Linguists,

I am working on a dissertation on artificial bilingualism, which deals
with cases where L1-speaking parents, within their L1-environment, try
to raise their children bilingually, using an L2 which is neither of
the parents' native language. If anyone knows about relevant cases, I
would truly appreciate any contacts as well as bibliographic hints.

Thank you very much in advance, 
Marion Griessler
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