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Mon Oct 14 2002

All: New! LINGUIST Site search now available

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  1. LINGUIST List, All: New!! Search LINGUIST Site facility opened

Message 1: All: New!! Search LINGUIST Site facility opened

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:53:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: All: New!! Search LINGUIST Site facility opened

To All,

We are proud to announce a brand new feature on LINGUIST: you can now
search the entire LINGUIST site and database for information by
subject language, linguistics subfield, and/or keyword. You can also
choose the type of resource (like book or conference) that you are
interested in--and you can choose multiple resource types. Formerly,
if you were looking for a book about Greek, you could go to the
publications area and use the book search to select the subject
language "Greek" and retrieve 17 matches. Now you can find, not only
books, but also journals, conferences, papers, research projects, and
web sites devoted to Greek--all with a single search command.

Since all the information on the LINGUIST site is now classified by
its relevance to a linguistic subfield, this new search facility
should offer a way to keep up with what's new in your field. For
example, if you want to find all the information relevant to
psycholnguistics, you'll retrieve nearly 500 resources:

2 Academic Paper(s)
196 Book(s)
50 Book Review(s)
7 Calls/Confs
50 Dissertation Abstract(s)
24 Job(s)
10 Journal(s)
12 Linguistic Program(s)
109 Linguist(s)
30 Web Resources

The new LINGUIST site search can be found at:

You can get there from our homepage by clicking on "search" and then
following this to "LINGUIST site" (this can be found as you scroll
down the page, or on the left sidebar).

We hope this new search facility will be a great help to you in
finding information quickly and easily. But, as always, we welcome
your suggestions on ways to improve it--please let us know what you

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