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  1. paul, Current Issues in Romance Languages

Message 1: Current Issues in Romance Languages

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 13:44:32 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: Current Issues in Romance Languages

Title: Current Issues in Romance Languages
Subtitle: Selected papers from the 29th Linguistic Symposium on
 Romance Languages (LSRL), Ann Arbor, 8-11 April 1999
Series Title: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: John Benjamins
Editor: Diana Cresti 
Editor: Teresa Satterfield 
Editor: Christina M. Tortora 

Hardback: ISBN: 1588110893, Pages: viii, 412, Price: USD 95.00
Hardback: ISBN: 9027237271, Pages: viii, 412, Price: EUR 105.00

This book presents an enlightening collection of papers contributing
to theoretical discussions across many topics within the study of
Romance Languages and Linguistics. The work originates from the 29th
Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages held in 1999 at the
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, although only a small subpart of the
proceedings papers are included in this volume. The selected papers
have been reworked for the current publication.

Table of Contents

Preface ix 
On Becoming a Clitic 
 Nancy Mae Antrim 1 
Primary Stress in Spanish 
 Zsuzsanna B�rk�nyi 17 
Spanish Clauses without Complementizers 
 Claudia Brovetto 33 
On the Nature of Bare Nouns in Haitian Creole 
 Viviane D�prez 47 
Towards a Syntax of Adult Root Infinitives 
 Ricardo Etxepare and Kleanthes K. Grohmann 67 
Re-examining Spanish "Resyllabification" 
 Timothy L. Face 81 
On Preverbal Subjects in Spanish 
 Grant Goodall 95 
The Semantics of Spanish Free Relatives 
 Javier Guti�rrez-Rexach 111
Split Subject Pronoun Paradigms: Feature Geometry and
 David J. Heap 129 
Locative Inversion, PP Topicalization and the EPP 
 Paula Kempchinsky 145 
Contrast Maintenance and Intervocalic Stop Lenition in Spanish and
 Portuguese: When is It Alright to Lenite?
 Anthony M. Lewis 160 
Epenthesis vs. Elision in Afro-Iberian Language: A Constraint-based
 Approach to Creole Phonology
 John M. Lipski 173 
Contrastive Discourse Markers in Spanish: Beyond Contrast 
 Monica Malamud Makowski 189 
Coda Obstruents and Local Constraint Conjunction in North-Central
 Peninsular Spanish
 Richard E. Morris 207 
Bare Nouns and the Morphosyntax of Number 
 Alan Munn and Cristina Schmitt 225 
Non-Logical if 
 Josep Quer 241 
Selecting Atomic Cells from Temporal Domains: Fixing Parameters in
 Joan Rafel 255 
Non Homorganic Nasal Clusters in Northern Italian Dialects 
 Lori Repetti 271 
Romanian Nominal Structure, Proforms, and Genitive Case Checking
 Edward J. Rubin 287 
Adjectival Agreement within DP without Feature Movement 
 Petra Sleeman 301 
A Constraint-Based Analysis of Intraspeaker Variation: Vocalic
 Epenthesis in Vimeu Picard
 Jeffrey Steele and Julie Auger 317 
Aspects in the Prepositional System of Romance 
 Esther Torrego 337 
A Unified Analysis of French and Italian en / ne 
 Dieter Vermandere 359 
Variation in Spanish Aspiration and Prosodic Boundary Constraints
 Caroline R. Wiltshire 375 
General index 391

Lingfield(s): Linguistic Theories
Language Family(ies): Romance (Subgroup Code: IEJAAA)

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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