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Tue Oct 15 2002


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  1. linguistlist reviews, Books: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 19:56:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review on the LINGUIST List.
If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please
contact Simin Karimi at:

We have included links to the publishers' announcements of these
books on LINGUIST, so that you can easily get more information
about them. We are still holding about 50 books, waiting for
our supporting publishers to announce them.

When asking to review a book, include the following in
your message. Please do this even if you have given us this
information before.

1. The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review. If you
are interested in more than one book, list them in rank order of
2. Your full name and highest academic degree received.
3. Your current affiliation if any.
4. A short description of your research interests.
5. A postal address to which the book should be sent.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a copy
along with further instructions. Reviews must be completed within
six weeks of receipt of the book or the book must be returned.


Breivik, Leiv Egil and Angela Hasselgren (2002) From the Colt's Mouth
... And Others'. Rodopi, x+260pp, hardback ISBN 90-420-1479-2, $61.00,
Language and Computers: Studies in Practical Linguistics 40.
Announced at

Carroll, Susanne E. (2001) Input and Evidence: The Raw Material of
Second Language Acquisition. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-011-7, xviii+461pp, $86.00, Language Acquisition
and Language Disorders 25.
Announced at

Kelly, L. G., ed. (2002) The Mirror of Grammar: Theology, Philosophy,
and the Modistae. John Benjamins Publishing Company, x+243pp, hardback
ISBN 1-58811-176-8, $86.00, Studies in the History of the Language
Sciences 101.
Announced at

Langbroek, Erika, Arend Quak, Annelies Roeleveld and Paula Vermeyden,
ed. (2002) Amsterdamer Beitr�ge zur �lteren Germanistik, Band 56.
Rodopi, v+277pp, paperback ISBN 90-420-1579-9, $49.50.
Announced at

Louwerse, Max and Willie van Peer (2002) Thematics: Interdisciplinary
Studies. John Benjamins Publishing Company, x+430pp, hardback ISBN 1-
58811-107-5, $123.00, Converging Evidence in Language and Communication
Research 3.
Announced at

Marcantonio, Angela, ed. (2002) The Uralic Language Family: Facts.
Myths and Statistics. Blackwell Publishers, xxiii+335pp, paperback ISBN
0-631-23170-6, $37.95, Publications of the Philological Society 35.
Announced at

Shibatani, Masayoshi (2002) The Grammar of Causation and Interpersonal
Manipulation. John Benjamins Publishing Company, xiv+532pp, paperback
ISBN 1-58811-120-2, $58.95, Typological Studies in Language, 48.
Announced at

Sorjonen, Marja-Leena (2001) Responding in Conversation: A Study of
Response Particles in Finnish. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
x+330pp, hardback ISBN 1-55619-948-1, Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 70.
Announced at


Berns, Jan and Jaap van Marle, ed. (2002) Present-day Dialectology,
Mouton de Gruyter, hardback ISBN 3-11-016781-6, Trends in Linguistics:
Studies and Monographs 137.
Announced at

Bok-Bennema, Reineke, ed. (2002) La oraci�n y sus constituyentes:
Estudios de sintaxis generativa, Rodopi, hardback, Foro Hispanico 21.
Announced at

Borin, Lars, ed. (2002) Parallel Corpora, Parallel Worlds: Selected
Papers from a Symposium on Parallel and Comparable Corpora at Uppsala
University, Sweden, 22-23 April, 1999, Rodopi, vi+220pp, hardback ISBN
90-420-1530-6, $50.00 / EUR50.00, Language and Computers: Studies in
Practical Linguistics 43.
Announced at

Boyes Braem, Penny and Rachel Sutton-Spence, ed. (2001) The Hands are
the Head of the Mouth: The Mouth as Articulator in Sign Languages,
Signum GmBH, paperback ISBN 3-927731-83-8, International Studies on
Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf 39.
Announced at

Bybee, Joan and Michael Noonan, ed. (2002) Complex Sentences in Grammar
and Discourse: Essays in Honor of Sandra A. Thompson, John Benjamins,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-117-2.
Announced at

Clayman, Steven and John Heritage (2002) The News Interview:
Journalists and Public Figures on the Air, Cambridge University Press,
x+372pp, hardback ISBN 0-521-81259-3, $65.00, Studies in Interactional
Announced at

Cook, Vivian, ed. (2002) Portraits of the L2 User, Multilingual
Matters, viii+347pp, paperback ISBN 1-85359-583-7, GBP24.95, Second
Language Acquisition 1.
Announced at

Day, Elaine Mellen (2002) Identity and the Young English Language
Learner, Multilingual Matters, vii+133pp, paperback ISBN 1-85359-597-7,
GBP19.95, Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 36.
Announced at

de Mejia, Anne-Marie (2002) Power, Prestige and Bilingualism:
International Perspectives on Elite Bilingual Education, Multilingual
Matters, xiv+325pp, paperback ISBN 1-85359-590-X, GBP24.95.
Announced at

Deh�, Nicole, Ray Jackendoff, Andrew McIntyre, and Silke Urban, ed.
(2002) Verb-Particle Explorations, Mouton de Gruyter, hardback ISBN
3-11-017228-3, Interface Explorations 1.
Announced at

Duszak, Anna, ed. (2002) Us and Others: Social Identities across
Languages, Discourses and Cultures, John Benjamins Publishing Company,
viii+522pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-205-5, $122.00, Pragmatics & Beyond
New Series 98.
Announced at

Fabb, Nigel (2002) Language and Literary Structure: The Linguistic
Analysis of Form in Verse and Narrative, Cambridge University Press,
x+230pp, paperback ISBN 0-521-79698-9, $23.00.
Announced at

Fanego, Teresa, Bel�n M�ndez-Naya and Elena Seoane, ed. (2002) Sounds,
Words, Texts and Change, John Benjamins, hardback ISBN 1-58811-196-2,
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 224.
Announced at

Fitzmaurice, Susan M. (2002) The Familiar Letter in Early Modern
English: A Paragmatic Approach, John Benjamins Publishing Company,
vii+263pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-186-5, $90.00, Pragmatics & Beyond New
Series 95.
Announced at

Francis, Norbert and Jon Reyhner (2002) Language and Literacy Teaching
for Indigenous Education: A Bilingual Approach, Multilingual Matters,
ix+275pp, paperback ISBN 1-85359-600-0, GBP24.95, Bilingual Education
and Bilingualism 37.
Announced at

Green, Lisa J. (2002) African American English: A Linguistic
Introduction, Cambridge University Press, xii+285pp, hardback ISBN
0-521-81449-9, $65.00.
Announced at

Gubbins, Paul and Mike Holt, ed. (2002) Beyond Boundaries: Language and
Identity in Contemporary Europe, Multilingual Matters, vi+162pp,
paperback ISBN 1-85359-555-1, GBP19.95, Multilingual Matters 122.
Announced at

Hajicova, Eva, Petr Sgall, Jiri Hana, and Tomas Hoskovec, ed. (2002)
Prague Linguistic Circle Papers, Volume 4 2002, John Benjamins, hardback
ISBN 1-58811-175-X.
Announced at

Hickey, Raymond (2002) A Source Book for Irish English, John Benjamins
Publishing Company, xii+542pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-209-8, $136.00,
Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science 27.
Announced at

Jackson, Peter W. and Isabelle Moulinier (2002) Natural Language
Processing for Online Applications: Text Retrieval, Extraction and
Categorization, John Benjamins, paperback ISBN 1-58811-250-0.
Announced at

Leafgren, John (2002) Degrees of Explicitness: Information Structure
and the Packaging of Bulgarian Subjects and Objects, John Benjamins,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-220-9, Pragmatics and Beyond New Series 97.
Announced at

McIlvenny, Paul, ed. (2002) Talking Gender and Sexuality, John Benjamins,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-173-3, Pragmatics and Beyond New Series 94.
Announced at

Mesch, Johanna (2001) Tactile Sign Language: Turn Taking and Questions
in Signed Conversations of Deaf-Blind People, Signum GmBH, paperback
ISBN 3-927731-80-3, International Studies on Sign Language and
Communication of the Deaf 38.
Announced at

Morgan, Gary and Bencie Woll, ed. (2002) Directions in Sign Language
Acquisition, John Benjamins, hardback ISBN 1-58811-235-7, Trends in
Language Acquisition Research 2.
Announced at

Schmid, Carol L. (2001) The Politics of Language: Conflict, Identity,
and Cultural Pluralism in Comparative Perspective, Oxford, paperback
ISBN 0-19-513776-0.
Announced at

Theune, Mariet, Antony Nijholt and Hendri Hondorp, ed. (2002)
Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2001: Selected Papers from
the Twelfth CLIN Meeting, Rodopi, 207pp, hardback ISBN 90-420-0943-8,
$50.00 / EUR50.00, Language and Computers: Studies in Practical
Linguistics 45.
Announced at

van Gelderen, Elly (2002) An Introduction to the Grammar of English:
Syntactic Arguments and Socio-Historical Background, John Benjamins,
paperback ISBN 1-58811-157-1.
Announced at

Westin, Ingrid (2002) Language Change in English Newspaper Editorials,
Rodopi, xvi+204pp, hardback ISBN 90-420-0863-6, $50.00 / EUR50.00,
Language and Computers: Studies in Practical Linguistics 44.
Announced at

Wittek, Angelika (2002) Learning the Meaning of Change-of-State Verbs:
A Case Study of German Child Language, Mouton de Gruyter (imprint of
Walter de Gruyter), viii+233pp, hardback ISBN 3-11-017304-2, EUR82.24,
Studies on Language Acquisition 17.
Announced at
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