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Mon Oct 21 2002

FYI: Oxford Summer School, Words of the Day

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  1. Kim Plunkett, Oxford Connectionist Summer School
  2. Karen S. Chung, Words of the Day

Message 1: Oxford Connectionist Summer School

Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 16:57:55 +0100
From: Kim Plunkett <>
Subject: Oxford Connectionist Summer School

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Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Oxford

Sunday 20th July - Friday 1st August, 2003

Applications are invited for participation in a 2-week residential
Summer School on techniques in connectionist modelling. The course is
aimed primarily at researchers who wish to exploit neural network
models in their teaching and/or research and it will provide a general
introduction to connectionist modelling, biologically plausible neural
networks and brain function through lectures and exercises on
Macintosh's and PC's. The course is interdisciplinary in content
though many of the illustrative examples are taken from cognitive and
developmental psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. The instructors
with primary responsibility for teaching the course are Kim Plunkett
and Edmund Rolls.

No prior knowledge of computational modelling will be required though
simple word processing skills will be assumed. Participants will be
encouraged to start work on their own modelling projects during the
Summer School.

The cost of participation in the Summer School is �950. This figure
covers the cost of accommodation (bed and breakfast at St. John's
College), registration and all literature required for the Summer
School. Participants will be expected to cover their own travel and
meal costs. A number of partial bursaries (�200) will be available
for graduate students. Applicants should indicate whether they wish
to be considered for a graduate student scholarship but are advised to
seek further funding as well, since in previous years the number of
graduate student applications has far exceeded the number of
scholarships available.

If you are interested in participating in the Summer School, please
complete the application form at the web address or
alternatively send a brief description of your background with an
explanation of why you would like to attend the Summer School, to:

 Mrs Sue King
 Department of Experimental Psychology
 University of Oxford 
 South Parks Road
 Oxford OX1 3UD

 Tel: (01865) 271353

no later than 28th February 2003.
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Message 2: Words of the Day

Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 07:50:05 +0800
From: Karen S. Chung <>
Subject: Words of the Day

 I expect lots of us are subscribed to Anu Garg's 'A Word A Day' -
considering his circulation of over 300,000. I've been aware for some time,
though, that there are other 'Word of the Day' sites and services, and
thought I'd do a Google search and put some of the links on my site for my
students, to add some interactivity.

 I was a bit amazed to find just how *many* 'Word of the Day's there are
out there, and the sheer variety! There are 'Word of the Day's for all
different levels of English proficiency for one thing - but even more
intriguing were the non-English ones I found. There are the more pedestrian
'Wort des Tages' and 'Mot du Jour' and ones for other well-studied European
languages, to be sure, but also daily words in numerous *native American*
languages, with Alaska and Hawaii especially well represented! Many include
sound files. There are also a 'medical' word of the day, and a bilingual one
for Chinese civil law! I'm not sure how conscientious each Webmaster is
about updating their material, but I did choose what looked like the best of
the sites I visited.

 The 21 'Word of the Day' links are available at:

 - just click on 'Words of the Day' in the index at the top of the page.
Please write and tell me if you know of other 'Word of the Day' sites you
think should be included.

 Also of possible interest are the 'Language and Linguistics' links at:

 Karen Steffen Chung

 Explore phonetics resources at:
 Now searchable!

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