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Tue Oct 29 2002

Confs: Lexical Semantics, Italy

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  1. Roberto Poli, Lexical Semantics, Italy

Message 1: Lexical Semantics, Italy

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:32:13 +0100
From: Roberto Poli <>
Subject: Lexical Semantics, Italy

Alan Cruse 
Lexical semantics without stable word meanings

7-8 April 2003
Mitteleuropa Foundation, Italy


This seminar explores the consequences for lexical semantics of
adopting the position that meanings are not inherent properties of
linguistic expressions, but are 'construed' on-line on occasions of
actual use in context. The linguistic elements comprising utterances,
on this view, form one important component of the input to processes
of construing meanings, but they are not the only component, and their
contribution is not 'meaning' as such. The construal processes are
subject to a wide range of constraints, of varying strengths and
types, deriving, in the main, from convention, context and the nature
of the human cognitive system. This approach, which is a variety of
'usage-based' approach, entails a re-examination of a number of topics
in traditional lexical semantics, in particular, meanings and
concepts, polysemy and sense boundaries, sense relations such as
hyponymy, meronymy and antonymy, and semantic fields, and literal and
non-literal meanings. 

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Dr Roberto Poli, PhD
Editor-in-chief of Axiomathes 

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