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Wed Oct 30 2002

Qs: German Quotative, Discourse Analysis

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  1. Ellen Fluharty, German Quotative
  2. Julia Schriver, Discourse Analysis

Message 1: German Quotative

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 23:13:50 +0000
From: Ellen Fluharty <>
Subject: German Quotative

I am looking for information on German quotatives, specifically und
ich/er so (e.g. und ich so: O Mann! Wie hast du das gemacht?)

I'm wondering what its current social distribution is, and whether or
not it is stigmatized. Personal observations and references are both
appreciated. Please reply to and I will post a
summary to the list.


Ellen Fluharty
Graduate Student
Department of Foreign Languages
West Virginia University 

Subject-Language: German, Standard; Code: GER 
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Message 2: Discourse Analysis

Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:17:22 +0800
From: Julia Schriver <>
Subject: Discourse Analysis

Re: where to find links on Discourse Analysis and how it has been used
to teach or aid in learning of L2 speaking and writing skills

Dear Linguist Staff:

Hello from sunny Malaysia. I am writing a paper on how Discourse
Analysis can help teachers to better understand language in use. I am
trying to find websites regarding how DA has been applied in the ELT
classroom - how is has helped teachers AND L2 learners. Any ideas as
to where I might look?

Thank you VERY much for whatever help you are able to provide.

Best regards,
Julia Schriver
KK, Sabah, MY
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