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Tue Nov 5 2002

Qs: Verbs, Phonetics, Translation, Foreign Speech

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  1. Fiona Slond, Questionnaire about verb classification
  2. Yasuo Nakajima, Qs: Model/sample English recordings for phonetics
  3. EAN Uzbekistan, Qs: Pragmatics of translation
  4. Simone Ashby, Speech to Foreigners

Message 1: Questionnaire about verb classification

Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 08:06:34 +0000
From: Fiona Slond <>
Subject: Questionnaire about verb classification

I am currently working on my thesis- a rather delicate and sensitive
subject relating to biased media. My project concerns the influence of
direct and indirect quotations used within journalism in The
Netherlands, Uk and the United States.

Within that linguistic frame I have chosen to investigate the use of
this style in news magazine articles about 11 September. It has
appeared that the manner of introducing a quotation is of
influence. One might might use 'say' or 'assure', which does make a
difference. This choice is depending on the editor. The impact of the
introduction with a verb has not been investigated too much. I would
like to make a classification of introducing verbs and have set up a
questionnaire to find out.

The idea is to answer three questions about the verb that introduces
the questionnaire. The sentence is about 11 September, which might not
be objective but I decided to use these because I like to see just
that influence within such a subject.

The questionnaire can be found on the following homepage, where it can
be downloaded and filled in. I estimate it will take about half an
hour to an hour or so to complete. This means it takes some time.

The questionnaire can be found at:

When you click on 'Projecten', you'll be taken straight to where you
need to be.

I would really appreciate your help!

Many thanks,

Fiona Slond

Communication and Information Sciences
Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands 
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Message 2: Qs: Model/sample English recordings for phonetics

Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 04:53:53 +0000
From: Yasuo Nakajima <>
Subject: Qs: Model/sample English recordings for phonetics

I am looking for recordings of English speech sounds for a college
undergraduate English phonetics course. In order to display the
phonetic differences between world Englishes to students, I'd prefer
exactly the same texts read by American English speakers, British
English speakers, Australian English speakers, etc. If you have any
information about such recordings, please let me know. Later, I'll
post them here on the Linguist List. Thank you.

Yasuo Nakajima
Kyorin University (Japan)
University of Colorado at Boulder 

Subject-Language: English; Code: ENG 
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Message 3: Qs: Pragmatics of translation

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 16:36:56 +0500
From: EAN Uzbekistan <>
Subject: Qs: Pragmatics of translation

My name is Nadira Abdurakhmanova. I am from Uzbekistan. My research is
devoted to stylistic adequacy of literary translation. One of the
issues which I am going to research is the pragmatic and cognitive
aspects of translation. What do you understand by "pragmatics of
translation"? Any answers, references, advice are appreciated much.
Besides, I will be very happy to contact researchers, interested in
the stylistic problems of literary translation; interdisciplinary
(pragmatics, discourse analysis, cognition, ethnolinguistics) approach
to literary translation.

And do you know any published literary pieces translated from Uzbek
language into English?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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Message 4: Speech to Foreigners

Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 06:40:30 +0000
From: Simone Ashby <>
Subject: Speech to Foreigners

I'm looking for recent studies (i.e. post-1985) on speech to
foreigners. I'm particularly interested in finding studies that
describe various phonetic and phonological characteristics of this
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