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  1. Ora Matushansky, Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 40 (HUMIT 2000)

Message 1: Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 40 (HUMIT 2000)

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 21:19:29 -0500
From: Ora Matushansky <matushanMIT.EDU>
Subject: Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 40 (HUMIT 2000)

Working papers
Conference Proceedings (HUMIT 2000)

Ora Matushansky et al. (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st HUMIT Student 
Conference in Language Research (HUMIT 2000). MIT Working Papers in 
Linguistics 40 (MITWPL 40). Book, $20. For ordering information, visit our 
Web page:

F.-Xavier Alario and Albert Costa
	Frequency Effects in the Production of Noun Phrases
Cedric Boeckx
	Gaps and Donkeys: Preliminary Remarks
Claire Bowern
	Pitta-Pitta, Case Marking, and Transitivity
Bridget Copley
	Stalking the futurate
Paul de Lacy
	Markedness in Prominent Positions
Ken Hiraiwa
	Multiple Agree and the Defective Intervention Constraint in Japanese
Tania Ionin and Ken Wexler
	Tense in Child L2 Acquisition: Evidence from L1 Russian Learners of English
Makoto Kadowaki
	Quotative Constructions in Japanese
Ji-yung Kim
	Specificity and Structure
Zhiqiang Li
	Tonal Structure of Yes-No Questions in Chaha
Bradford Mahon, Albert Costa, and Alfonso Caramazza
	Are Phonemes Represented in Terms of their Syllabic Position?
Luisa Mart�
	Quantified Subjects in Questions and the A'-Nature of SpecAgrSP in Spanish
Javier Mart�n-Gonz�lez
	Some Remarks about the Nature of N-phrases in Spanish
Svetlana McCoy
	Pronoun Doubling and Quantification in Colloquial Russian
Kentaro Nakatani
	Applying Lexical Rules in Syntax: A Case Study of the V-te V construction 
in Japanese
Balkiz �zt�rk
	Genitive Phrases in Turkish
Kylie Richardson
	Small Clauses in Russian
Shoichi Takahashi
	Multiplicity and Feature Absorption

Ora Matushansky
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