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Sat Nov 9 2002

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  1. Daniel Ezra Johnson, Penn Working Papers new issue: Papers from NWAV 30

Message 1: Penn Working Papers new issue: Papers from NWAV 30

Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:46:51 +0000
From: Daniel Ezra Johnson <>
Subject: Penn Working Papers new issue: Papers from NWAV 30

The University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics is
pleased to announce the recent publication of:

PWPL 8.3 (2002): Papers from NWAV 30

To order, please send check or money order for $18 ($9 for authors),
made out to ''Penn Linguistics Club'', to

 619 Williams Hall
 University of Pennsylvania
 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305


Sharon Ash. The distribution of a phonemic split in the Mid-Atlantic
region: Yet more on short _a_.

Esther L. Brown and Rena Torres Cacoullos. ¿Qué le vamoh aher?:
Taking the syllable out of Spanish /s/ reduction.

Mary Bucholtz. From 'sex differences' to gender variation in

Jeff Conn and Uri Horesh. Assessing the acquisition of dialect
variables by migrant adults in Philadelphia: a case study.

Paul M. De Decker. Hangin' and retractin': Adolescent social practice
and phonetic variation in an Ontario small town.

Paul Foulkes. Current trends in British sociophonetics.

Shelome Gooden. Past time reference in Belizean Creole.

Li Jia and Robert Bayley. Null pronoun variation in Mandarin Chinese.

Megan Jones. ''You _do_ get queer, see. She _do_ get queer...'':
Non-standard periphrastic _do_ in Somerset English.

Ronald Macaulay. Adverbs and social class revisited.

Miriam Meyerhoff. Social psychology of language and language variation.

Panayiotis A. Pappas. Concrete contexts of morphosyntactic change:
Evidence from Later Medieval Greek.

Jeffrey K. Parrott. Dialect death and morphosyntactic change: Smith
Island weak expletive _it_.

Michael D. Picone. Artistic codemixing.

Bartek Plichta. Best practices in the acquisition, processing, and
analysis of acoustic speech signals.

Shana Poplack, Gerard Van Herk, and Dawn Harvie. Variability in
invariant grammars: The Ottawa grammar resource on early variability
in English.

Tara Sanchez. The interacting influences of Spanish and English on the
creole Papiamentu.

Scott A. Schwenter. Pragmatic variation between negatives: Evidence
from Romance.

John Charles Smith and Clive R. Sneddon. Further evidence for a
'Middle French' koiné..

Andrea Sudbury and Jennifer Hay. The fall and rise of /r/: Rhoticity
and /r/-sandhi in early New Zealand English.

Ana M. S. Zilles. Grammaticalization of _a gente_ in Brazilian Portuguese. 
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