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TOC: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 35 No 1 (2003)

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  1. Neden, Julie (ELS), Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 35 No 1 (2003)

Message 1: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 35 No 1 (2003)

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:04:01 -0000
From: Neden, Julie (ELS) <>
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 35 No 1 (2003)

Julie Neden
Elsevier Science

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Journal: Journal of Pragmatics
ISSN : 0378-2166
Volume : 35
Issue : 1
Date : Jan-2003

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Table of Contents:

Metacategories and sentence classification
C. Kekenbosch, M. Bromberg, pp 1-22
Full text via ScienceDirect :

The influence of speaker roles on discourse marker use
J.M. Fuller, pp 23-45
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Repetitions as self-repair strategies in English and German
C.L. Rieger, pp 47-69
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Gradeschoolers' linguistic and pragmatic speech adaptation to native
and non-native interlocution
D. Ravid, E. Olshtain, R. Ze'elon, pp 71-99
Full text via ScienceDirect :

The definition of what-d'you-call-it: semantics and pragmatics of
recognitional deixis
N.J. Enfield, pp 101-117
Full text via ScienceDirect :

The inevitability of folk etymology: a case of collective reality and
invisible hands
G. Rundblad, D.B. Kronenfeld, pp 119-138
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Codes and Consequences: Choosing Linguistic Varieties - Carol
Myers-Scotton (Ed.); Oxford University Press, New York/Oxford, 1998,
219 pages, paperback $55, pp 139-148
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Intentions in the Experience of Meaning - Raymond J. Gibbs, Cambridge
University Press, Cambridge 1999, vii+414 pages, paperback, $23.00
D.S. Miall, pp 149-154
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Humorous Texts: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis. Humor Research
6.Salvatore Attardo, Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 2001.
238 pp. DM 176 (hb)
W. Chlopicki, pp 155-159
Full text via ScienceDirect :
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