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TOC: Studies in Language, Vol 26 No 3 (2002)

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  1. paul, Studies in Language, Vol 26 No 3 (2002)

Message 1: Studies in Language, Vol 26 No 3 (2002)

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:56:43 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: Studies in Language, Vol 26 No 3 (2002)

Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: Studies in Language
Volume Number: 26
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2002

Main text:
Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes. 

Discourse-pragmatic principles for temporal reference in Mandarin
Chinese conversation
 Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu 
Case-marked clausal subordination in the Burushaski complex sentence 
 Gregory D.S. Anderson 
Systematization and the origin of rules: The case of subject-verb
inversion in questions
 John Haiman 
Copulas in Sgaw Karen 
 Regina Pustet 
The linguistic encoding of three-participant events in Saliba 
 Anna Margetts 
Cognitive and interactional motivations for the intonation unit 
 Joseph Sung-Yul Park 

Book Reviews 
Review of "Arguments and Case. Explaining Burzio's Generalization" by
Eric Reuland (ed.)
 Bert Peeters 
Review of "Wh-Scope Marking" by Uli Lutz, Gereon M´┐Żller & Arnim von
 John R. te Velde 
Review of "The morphology of Chinese: A linguistic and cognitive
approach" by Jerome L. Packard
 Jerold A. Edmondson 
Review of "Tuvaluan: A Polynesian language of the Central Pacific" by
Niko Besnier
 F. Lichtenberk 
Review of "Language and Gesture" by David McNeil (ed.) 
 Fay Wouk 
Review of "Emerging English modals: A corpus-base study of
grammaticalization" by Manfred Krug
 Elly van Gelderen 

Book Notices 
Book notice: "Language Death" by David Crystal 
 Wolfgang U. Dressler 
Book notice: "Historical Linguistics 1999: Selected Papers from the
14th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Vancouver, 
9 - 1" by Laurel Brinton
 John H. McWhorter 
Book notice: "The dictionary of historical and comparative
linguistics" by R. L. Trask
 Werner Abraham
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