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TOC: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 34 No 12 (2002)

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  1. Neden, Julie (ELS), Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 34 No 12 (2002)

Message 1: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 34 No 12 (2002)

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 09:30:37 -0000
From: Neden, Julie (ELS) <>
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 34 No 12 (2002)

Julie Neden
Elsevier Science

Journal: Journal of Pragmatics
ISSN : 0378-2166
Volume : 34
Issue : 12
Date : Dec-2002

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Table of Contents:

Linguistics and pragmatics, 25 years after
H. Haberland, J.L. Mey
pp 1671-1682
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Having a laugh at work - how humour contributes to workplace culture
J. Holmes, M. Marra
pp 1683-1710
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Expressing noncomprehension in a US graduate seminar
H.Z. Waring
pp 1711-1731
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Offers and expressions of thanks as face enhancing acts: tae'arof in
S.A. Koutlaki
pp 1733-1756
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Socialization in communication: pragmatic socialization during
dinnertime in Estonian, Finnish and Swedish families
B.D. Geer, T. Tulviste, L. Mizera, M.-T. Tryggvason
pp 1757-1786
Full text via ScienceDirect :

The psychological and social dynamics of topic performance in family
dinnertime conversation
A. Abu-Akel
pp 1787-1806
Full text via ScienceDirect :

A conversation analytical study of telephone conversation openings
between native and nonnative speakers
C. Taleghani-Nikazm
pp 1807-1832
Full text via ScienceDirect :

False friends - their origin and semantics in some selected languages
P.J. Chamizo Domnguez, B. Nerlich
pp 1833-1849
Full text via ScienceDirect :

A conversation analytic study of yes/no questions which convey
reversed polarity assertions
I. Koshik
pp 1851-1877
Full text via ScienceDirect :

A pragmatic analysis of kesiki in a Korean dialect [rapid communication]
E.-J. Noh
pp 1879-1881
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Real Conditionals - William G. Lycan, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2001,
233 pages, hardback, GBP 25
K. Turner
pp 1883-1890
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Talk is Cheap: Sarcasm, Alienation, and the Evolution of Language -
John Haiman, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1998, 220 pages
S. Attardo
pp 1891-1893
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Etudes Romanes 42 Linguistica Testuale Comparativa - Gunver Skytte,
Francesco Sabatini (Eds.); Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen, 1999,
388 pages
D. Bentley
pp 1895-1902
Full text via ScienceDirect :

Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to
Western Thought - G. Lakoff, M. Johnson, 1999. New York: Basic Books.
J. Grady
pp 1903-1909
Full text via ScienceDirect :

NumberGreville G. Corbett, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000, xx+358 pages, ISBN
0-521-64016-4, $70.00 (hb); 0-521-64970-6, $26.00 (pb)
M. Koptjevskaja-Tamm
pp 1911-1919
Full text via ScienceDirect :

''Erratum to Contents List'' [Journal of Pragmatics (2002) 34 (8),
outside back cover]
pp 1921
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