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TOC: J. of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 17/1 (2002)

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  1. paul, Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 17/1 (2002)

Message 1: Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 17/1 (2002)

Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:41:49 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 17/1 (2002)

Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
Volume Number: 17
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2002 

Main text:
Table of Contents

What is a creolist? 
 Bethanie Morrissey 111 - 115 
Binding, coreference, and disjoint reference in KRIO 
 Dudley K. Nylander 117 - 120 

Book reviews 
Review of "From French to Creole: The development of new vernaculars
in the French colonial world" by Chris Corne
 Salikoko S. Mufwene 121 - 129 
Review of "A grammar of Belizean Creole: Compilations from two
existing United States dialects" by Laurie A. Greene
 Genevi�ve Escure 129 - 132 
Review of "Restructuration grammaticale dans les langues cr�oles"
by Laurence Goury
 George L. Huttar 132 - 137 
Review of "An introduction to pidgins and creoles" by John Holm 
 Jacques Arends 137 - 141 
Review of "Dread Talk: The language of Rastafari" by Velma Pollard 
 Anita Herzfeld 142 - 146 
Review of "Morphosyntactic analysis of Surinamese Dutch as spoken by
the Creole population of Paramaribo" by Christina Mary
 Adrienne Bruyn 146 - 150
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