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Sat Nov 23 2002

TOC: Special issue of Sign Lang & Ling, 4/1-2 (2001)

Editor for this issue: Tomoko Okuno <>


  1. paul, Special issue of Sign Language and Linguistics, 4/1-2 (2001)

Message 1: Special issue of Sign Language and Linguistics, 4/1-2 (2001)

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:13:14 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: Special issue of Sign Language and Linguistics, 4/1-2 (2001)

Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: Sign Language and Linguistics
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 1/2
Issue Date: 2002

Subtitle: Sign Transcription and Database Storage of Sign
Information. Special issue of Sign Language and Linguistics 4:1/2

Main text:
Table of Contents

Editor's Notepad 1 - 2 
Guest Editors' Preface 
 Brita Bergman, Penny Boyes-Braem, Thomas Hanke and Elena Pizzuto
 3 - 7

Section I: Some reflections on the need for a common sign notation 
 Christopher Miller 11 - 28 
The notation of signed texts: Open questions and indications for
further research
 Elena Pizzuto and Paola Pietrandrea 29 - 45 
Encoding and capturing productive morphology 
 Mary Brennan 47 - 62 
Sign language transcription at the level of meaning components: The
Berkeley Transcription System (BTS)
 Dan I. Slobin, Nini Hoiting, Michelle Anthony, Yael Biederman,
 Marlon Kuntze, Reyna Lindert, Jennie Pyers, Helen Thumann and Amy
 Weinberg 63 - 104
Section II: The development of a FileMaker Pro database for the
morphemic analysis of productive forms in BSL
 Ernst Daniel Thoutenhoofd 107 - 123 
The database system used in the Finnish Sign Language Dictionary Project 
 Leena Savolainen 125 - 132 
A multimedia bilingual database for the lexicon of Swiss German Sign
 Penny Boyes-Braem 133 - 143 
The lexical database of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) 
 Trevor Johnston 145 - 169 
GlossLexer: A multimedia lexical database for sign language dictionary
 Thomas Hanke, Reiner Konrad and Arvid Schwarz 171 - 189 
The Klagenfurt database for sign language lexicons 
 Klaudia Krammer, Elisabeth Bergmeister, Franz Dotter, Marlene
 Hilzensauer, Ingeborg Okorn, Reinhold Orter and Andrea Skant
 191 - 201
SignStream(TM): A database tool for research on visual-gestural language 
 Carol Neidle 203 - 214 
SignPhon: A phonological database for sign languages 
 Onno Crasborn, Harry Hulst and Els van der Kooij 215 - 228 
Spatial and temporal coding of Nicaraguan Sign Language in
MediaTagger: Documenting three dimensions with a two-dimensional tool
 Ann Senghas 229 - 240 
Sign language text transcription and analyses using 'Microsoft Excel' 
 Penny Boyes-Braem 241 - 250 
Section III: Developing linguistic specifications for a sign language
database: The development of Signbase
 Trude Schermer, David Brien and Mary Brennan 253 - 274 
Sign language transcription with syncWRITER 
 Thomas Hanke 275 - 283 
Making historical sign language materials accessible: A prototype
database of early ASL
 Ted Supalla 285 - 297 
Comparison of major software features 
 Petra Eccarius 299 - 300 
Content index (alphabetical) 
 Ronnie B. Wilbur 301 - 302
Lingfield(s): General Linguistics
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