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Sat Nov 23 2002

Confs: Language Engineering Conference

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  1. knmuh, Language Engineering Conference, Hyderabad, India

Message 1: Language Engineering Conference, Hyderabad, India

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 01:36:14 +0000
From: knmuh <>
Subject: Language Engineering Conference, Hyderabad, India

Language Engineering Conference

Short Title: LEC-2002
Location: Hyderabad, INDIA
Date: 13-DEC-02 - 15-DEC-02

Web Site:
Contact Person: Narayana Murthy
Meeting Email:
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description: 

LEC-2002 is a high quality intenational conference on Language
Engineering featuring technical paper presentations, tutorials and
product demos/exhibitions. A special session on Testing, Evaluation
and Benchmarking of Language Technology Products and Services is
13-15 December 2002
University of Hyderabad
Program Schedule

Day1 13th December 2002
Day2 14th December 2002
Day3 15th December 2002
Session 1:
9:00a.m.-10:45 a.m. Inaugural Session Session 5:
9:00a.m-11:15a.m. Lexical Resources 
10:45a.m.-11:00 a.m. Tea Break 11:15a.m-11:30a.m. Tea Break 
11:00a.m.1:00p.m Optical Character Recognition Session6:
11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. Applications 1 
1:00p.m-2:00p.m Lunch Break 1:30p.m-2:30p.m. Lunch Break 
2:00p.m.4:00p.m POS Tagging, Syntax Session7:
2:30p.m.-3:50p.m Applications 2 
4:00p.m.-4:15p.m Tea Break 3:50p.m.-4:00p.m. Tea Break 
4:15p.m.-5:45p.m. Special Session on Testing /Evaluation/Benchmarking
of Language Technology products. Session8:
4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. Panel Discussion 

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Detailed Program Schedule

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Day2 - 14th December 2002

Session 1: Inaugural Session Time:9:00a.m-10:45a.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
9:00a.m.-10:45a.m. Key Note Om Vikas 

Session 2: Optical Character Recognition Time:11:00a.m-1:00p.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
11:00a.m.-11:30a.m. A Complete Multi-Font OCR system for Printed
Telugu Text C. Vasantha Lakshmi
C. Patvardhan 
11:30a.m.-12:00 noon Developing High Accuracy OCR System for Telugu
and Other Indian Scripts. Chakravarthy Bhagwati
Atul Negi
Tanuk Ravi
S Mahesh Kumar 
12:00 noon -12:30p.m. Development of a Page Layout Analyzer for
Multilingual Indian Documents Anirban Ray Chaudhuri
A K Mandal,
B B Chaudhuri
12:30p.m-1:00p.m. Dictionary Supported Generation of English Text from
Pitman Shorthand Scripted Phonetic Text. P Nagabhushan
Basavaraju S Anami
D S Guru 

Session 3: POS Tagging , Syntax Time:2:00p.m-4:00p.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
2:00p.m.-2:20p.m. Natural Language Processing with Neural Networks
(Invited Paper). Qing Ma
2:20p.m-2:45p.m. Application of Multilayer Perceptron Network for
Tagging Part of Speech. Ahmed
S Bapi Raju
P Chandrasekhar
M K Prasad 
2:45p.m.-3:10p.m. An Architecture for a Text Simplification System
Advaith Siddharthan
3:10p.m-3:35p.m. A Hybrid Approach to Pre-Conjuct Identification
Sebastian van Delden
3:35p.m-4:00p.m. Examining the Syntactic Alternations of Hindi Verbs
with Reference to Morphological Paradigm Debasri Chakrabarti
Milind S Malshe
Pusphak Bhattacharyya
Vaijayanthi Sharma 

Session 4: Special Session Time:4:15p.m-5:45p.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
4:15p.m.-5:45p.m. Testing /Evaluation/Benchmarking of Language
Technology products.

Day3 - 15th December 2002

Session 5: Lexical Resources Time:9:00a.m-11:15a.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
9:00a.m.-9:30a.m. The VOLEM Project: A Framework for the Construction
of Advanced Multi Lingual Lexicons Ana Fernandez
Patrick Saint- Dizier
Gloria Vazquez
Farah Benamara
Mouna Kamel 
9:30a.m.-10:00a.m. Text Corpora for Understanding Polysemy in Bangla N
S Dash B B Chaudhuri
10:00a.m.-10:25a.m. A Finite State Automaton for the Oriya Negative
Verbal Forms Kalyani R Shabadi
10:25a.m.-10:50a.m. Building Large Scale Ontology Networks Vasudev Varma 
10:50a.m.-11:15a.m. Object Oriented Design Approach to OriNet System:
On line Lexical Database for Oriya Language Sanghamitra Mohanty
Pravat Kumar Santi 

Session 6: Applications 1 Time: 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
11:30a.m.-12:15p.m. Towards Indian Language Spell-Checker Design
(Invited Talk) B B Chaudhuri
12:15p.m.-12:35p.m. Text Mining in Request for Comment Series Siva Gurusamy
D Manjula
T V Geetha 
12:35p.m.-12:55p.m. Design and Implementation of a Spell Checker for
Assamese Monisha Das
S Borgohain
Juli Gogoi
S B Nair
12:55p.m.-1:15p.m. Adapting Question Answering Techniques to the Web
Jignashu Parikh
M Narasimha Murthy 
1:15p.m.-1:30p.m. Indexing Software for Ancient Kannada Books S Settar
Sanjoy Goswami
Abhishek H K 

Session 7: Applications 2 Time: 2:30p.m.-3:50p.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
2:30p.m.-2:50p.m. VAASAANUBAADA - Automatic Machine Translation of
Bilingual Bengali-Assamese News Texts K Vijayanand
K Hemachandran
S I Choudhury 
2:50p.m.-3:10p.m. Language Technology Solutions in Simputer: An
Overview Kalika Bali
Ramesh Hariharan
Swami Manohar
V Vinay
K S Vivek
3:10p.m.-3:30p.m. The Dynamics of Language Understanding K Chandra Sekharaiah 
3:30p.m.-3:50p.m. Malayalam Speech sounds and their mapping to UNICODE
Symbols: A Case Study V Geethakumary
B A Sharada 

Session 8: Panel Discussion Time: 4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. 

Time Title Author(s) 
4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. Panel Discussion 
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