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Books: Applied Linguistics: Odisho

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  1. LINCOM.EUROPA, Techniques of Teaching Pronunciation in ESL...

Message 1: Techniques of Teaching Pronunciation in ESL...

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 11:21:43 +0000
Subject: Techniques of Teaching Pronunciation in ESL...

Title: Techniques of Teaching Pronunciation in ESL, Bilingual &
 Foreign Language Classes
Series Title: LINCOM Language Textbooks 05
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Lincom Europa
Author: Edward Y. Odisho 

Hardback: ISBN: 3895867047, Pages: 180, Price: USD 48 / EUR 50 / GBP
Learners and teachers of languages as a native, second and foreign and
other professionals benefit greatly from this book. It presents a
systematic and holistic approach to the teaching of pronunciation that
is cognitive in pedagogical foundation and multisensory in
implementation. The approach is consistent with the recent
orientations in cognitive sciences, especially Gardner's Multiple
Intelligences Theory. The book gears the approach, methodology and
techniques of teaching pronunciation away from the behaviorist
audiolingual method dominated by the 'repeat-after-me' technique and
the notorious letter-based phonics tradition so unjustifiably
domineering in the teaching of the so-called Language Arts in the
United States. Because the approach adopted in this book is cognitive,
it believes that pronunciation is the function of the brain prior to
being a function of the vocal organs; this is more so in the case of
adult learners of pronunciation. All the techniques used in this book
aim at enabling the brain to first perceive and recognize the
problematic sounds before attempting at producing them. Learners need
to be able to transform the initial correct impressions of sounds into
cognitive habits that are activated subconsciously and
automatically. The author is multilingual and his approach is the
outcome of thirty years of teaching language and linguistics in
different academic institutions around the world.

Table of Contents
Part One: Theoretical Foundations of the Approach
1 General Approach & Principles
2 Speech Production Mechanism
3 Phonics, Phonetics and Phonology
4 Consonant Description and Classification
5 Vowel Description and Classification
6 Suprasegmentals: Rhythm, Melody and Phonetic Settings

Part Two: Methodology and Instructional Techniques
7 Techniques of Teaching Consonants andConsonant Systems
8 Techniques of Teaching Vowels and Vowel Systems
9 Techniques of Teaching Rhythm, Melody & Phonetic Settings
10 Accent: Interpretation and Application
11 Teaching Cross-language Pronunciation
Problems & Phonetic Setting
Lingfield(s): Applied Linguistics, 
Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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