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Books: Semantics: Khrakovskij (ed)

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  1. LINCOM.EUROPA, Typology of Iterative Constructions: Viktor S. Khrakovskij (ed)

Message 1: Typology of Iterative Constructions: Viktor S. Khrakovskij (ed)

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 12:24:22 +0000
Subject: Typology of Iterative Constructions: Viktor S. Khrakovskij (ed)

Title: Typology of Iterative Constructions
Series Title: LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 04
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Lincom Europa
Editor: Viktor S. Khrakovskij 
The present book has been prepared by the Language Typology Workshop
of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistic Research.

The book continues the earlier studies of the Workshop addressing the
syntactic structure of the sentence: (ed. A.A. Kholodovich) Typology
of Causative Constructions, "Nauka": Leningrad, 1969,
(ed. A.A. Kholodovich) Typology of Passive constructions, "Nauka":
Leningrad, 1974, (ed. V.P. Nedjalkov) Typology of resultative
constructions, Amsterdam 1988, etc.

The monograph focuses on the semantic category of multiplicity of
situations realized in utterances. The main objective of this work is,
by proceeding from content to form, to determine grammatical, lexical,
and contextual means of expressing the specific meanings of plurality,
viz. the iterative, the multiplicative, and the distributive both in a
single language and in different languages.

The book consists of three parts. Part 1 outlines the theory
suggesting one of the possible ways of interpreting the category of
situational plurality. Part 2 has four sections and 24 chapters
describing the category of situational plurality in structurally
different languages. These descriptions are quite uniform and, on the
whole, are based on the theory presented in Part 1. Section A
(Chapters 1-7) deals with languages which use special grammatical
markers to express the iterative, multiplicative, and
distributive. Section B (Chapters 8-15) focuses on languages having
specific grammatical means to express the iterative. Section C
(Chapters 16-20) describes languages that have tense forms combining
with iterative adverbials. Section D (Chapters 21-24) deals with
languages where iterative meanings are expressed by adverbials. It is
easily seen that this classification lays no claims to strict
precision, its immediate aim being an intuitively acceptable
classification of linguistic data. This Part was prepared by a large
group of authors, including T. G. Akimova (English), E. V. Golovko
(Aleut), E. A.Gruzdeva (Nivkh), E. E. Kordi (French), N. A. Kozintseva
(Armenian), I. V. Nedjalkov (Even), V. P. Nedjalkov
(Chukchee),(Klamath), N. B. Vaxtin (Eskimo), A. P. Volodin (Itelmen),
V. A. Plungian (Chamalal), D. M. Nasilov (Turkic languages),
I. S. Bystrov (Vietnamese), S. Je. Jaxontov (Chinese), Ju. P. Knyazev
(Slavic languages), G. Z. Poumpyan (Arabic), V. M. Alpatov (Japanese),
B. A. Zaxarjin (Hindi), E. A. Geniushiene (Lithuanian),
V. P. Litvinov (Ewe), S. M. Kibardina (German), and Agus Salim
(Indonesian). The three intrepretations of the category of plurality
presented in Part 3 (written by L. A. Biriulin, G. G. Silnitskij,
I. B. Dolinina) differ from the theory developed in the preceeding
chapters both in their general approach and in specific aspects of
analysis. The book is supplied with an extensive bibliography.
Lingfield(s): Semantics, 
Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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