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Tue Nov 26 2002

FYI: Lingua Mundi forum

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  1. dehee jacques, Lingua Mundi forum

Message 1: Lingua Mundi forum

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:52:53 +0100
From: dehee jacques <>
Subject: Lingua Mundi forum

Dear friend of the languages,

You are welcome to Lingua Mundi in the forum (webmaster Daniele Nicolucci)

Lingua Mundi is a very ambitious project to construct a universal
auxiliar language suitable for the new millennium. Someone will say
that the lingua franca of this moment is English, but it would not be
a very democratic choice, since people who use English as their first
language would take advantage of it. Someone else will talk about
Esperanto or Interlingua, but those are languages that, although
fairly widespread, suffer from the huge changes that took place since
they were first created. The new language we are going to build will
avoid repeating the errors of the past, and in the meantime will try
to adapt since the beginning to the changes of the future. The Lingua
Mundi project is open to everyone, linguists and non-linguists,
because an auxiliary language must be usable by everyone. For this
reason, everyone is invited to express their opinions, while
respecting others' idea. The main language on the forum is English,
but this doesn't mean that other languages can't be used.



p. o. Jollino, webmaster (
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