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Tue Dec 3 2002

Qs: Voiced Implosives, Fricative-initial C Clusters

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  1. Amna Naveed, Voiced Implosives
  2. Lisa Davidson, Languages with fricative-initial onset clusters

Message 1: Voiced Implosives

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:18:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Amna Naveed <>
Subject: Voiced Implosives


I am a student of MS-CS specializing in Speech and Language Processing
at National University-Lahore, Pakistan. Currently I am doing research
on the phonemic inventory of Saraiki (a regional language in Pakistan)
and acoustic analysis of the voiced implosives that appear in this

I found some literature on the acoustic analysis of voiced implosives
in the book "The Sounds of the World's Languages by Peter
Ladefoged". I need further literature on it if you can please help me
in this regard.

I also wanted to know if you know of anyone who has written any paper
on Sikaiki that I can consult him/her for it.

We have been searching for a book by Christopher Shackle "1976: The
Siraiki language of central Pakistan: a reference grammar. London:
SOAS". We are not able to find a copy of this book. If you can help

Thanking you in advance, will be waiting for your reply.

Amna Naveed
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Message 2: Languages with fricative-initial onset clusters

Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 10:38:21 +0000
From: Lisa Davidson <>
Subject: Languages with fricative-initial onset clusters

Hi all--

I'm trying to compile information on languages that allow two-member
fricative-initial consonant clusters in word-initial
position. Specifically, I'm interested in cases where the fricatives
are something other than /s/ that combine with nasals and obstruents.

Any information would be helpful, even if it's just the name of a
language, but I would be very appreciative if you have information
regarding which particular clusters are allowed in the language.

Lisa Davidson

 Department of Cognitive Science 
 Johns Hopkins University 
 3400 N. Charles St. 
 Baltimore, MD 21218 
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