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Tue Dec 3 2002


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  1. linguistlist reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 18:07:22 -0500 (EST)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review on the LINGUIST List.
If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please
contact Simin Karimi at:

We have included links to the publishers' announcements of these
books on LINGUIST, so that you can easily get more information
about them.

When asking to review a book, include the following in
your message. Please do this even if you have given us this
information before!

1. The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review. If you
are interested in more than one book, list them in rank order of
2. Your full name and highest academic degree received.
3. Your current affiliation if any.
4. A short description of your research interests.
5. A postal address to which the book should be sent.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a copy
along with further instructions. Reviews must be completed within
six weeks of receipt of the book or the book must be returned.


Androutsopoulos, Ion (2002) Exploring Time, Tense and Aspect in Natural
Language Database Interfaces. Benjamins, x+307pp, hardback ISBN
1-58811-269-1, $104.00, Natural Language Processing 6.
 Announced at

Briscoe, Ted, ed. (2002) Linguistic Evolution through Language
Acquisition: Formal and Computational Models. Cambridge University
Press, vii+349pp, hardback ISBN 0-521-66299-0, $65.00.
 Announced at

Carroll, Susanne E. (2001) Input and Evidence: The Raw Material of
Second Language Acquisition. John Benjamins Publishing Company, xviii+
461pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-011-7, Language Acquisition and Language
Disorders 25.
 Announced at

Fabb, Nigel (2002) Language and Literary Structure: The Linguistic
Analysis of Form in Verse and Narrative. Cambridge University Press,
x+230pp, paperback ISBN 0-521-79698-9, $23.00.
 Announced at

Johansen, Jorgen Dines and Svend Erik Larsen (2002) Signs in Use: An
Introduction to Semiotics. Routledge, ix+246pp, paperback ISBN
0-415-26204-6, $25.95.
 Announced at

Kageura, Kyo (2002) The Dynamics of Terminology: A Descriptive Theory
of Term Formation and Terminological Growth. Benjamins, viii+323pp,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-314-0, $83.00, Terminology and Lexicography
Research and Practice 5.
 Announced at

Akatsuka, Noriko M. and Susan Strauss, ed. (2002) Japanese-Korean
Linguistics, Volume 10, CSLI Publications, xiv+650pp, paperback ISBN
1-57586-342-1, $30.00.
 Announced at

Alexiadou, Artemis, ed. (2002) Theoretical Approaches to Universals,
John Benjamins Publishing Company, viii+316 pp. hardback ISBN
1-58811-191-1, Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 49.
 Announced at

Alexiadou, Artemis, Elena Anagnostopoulou, Sjef Barbiers and Hans-
Martin Gaertner, ed. (2002) Dimensions of Movement: From Features to
Remnants, John Benjamins Publishing Company, vi+345pp, hardback ISBN
1-58811-185-7, $99.00, Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 48.
 Announced at

Anderson, Stephen R. and David Lightfoot (2002) The Language Organ:
Linguistics as Cognitive Physiology, Cambridge University Press,
xix+263pp, paperback ISBN 0-521-00783-6.
 Announced at

Barker-Plummer, Dave, David I. Beaver, Johan van Benthem and Patrick
Scotto di Luzio, ed. (2002) Words, Proofs, and Diagrams, CSLI
Publications, x+276pp, paperback ISBN 1-57586-406-1, $25.00.
 Announced at

Barnbrook, Geoff (2002) Defining Language: A Local Grammar of
Definition Sentences, John Benjamins Publishing Company, xv+280pp,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-298-5, $79.00, Studies in Corpus Linguistics 11.
 Announced at

Beaver, David I., Luis D. Casillas Mart´┐Żnez, Brady Z. Clark and Stefan
Kaufmann, ed. (2002) The Construction of Meaning, CSLI Publications,
ix+254pp, paperback ISBN 1-57586-376-6, $25.00.
 Announced at

Berger, Alan (2002) Terms and Truth: Reference Direct and Anaphoric,
MIT Press, xvii+234pp, hardback ISBN 0-262-02519-1, $35.00.
 Announced at

Blakemore, Diane (2002) Relevance and Linguistic Meaning: The Semantics
and Pragmatics of Discourse Markers, Cambridge University Press,
viii+200pp, hardback ISBN 0-521-64007-5, $65.00, Cambridge Studies in
Linguistics 99.
 Announced at

Bouchard, Denis (2002) Adjectives, Number and Interfaces: Why Languages
Vary, Elsevier Science Ltd, xii+458pp, hardback ISBN 0-08-044055-X,
$94.00, North-Holland Linguistic Series: Linguistic Variations 61.
 Announced at

Copestake, Ann (2002) Implementing Typed Feature Structure Grammars,
CSLI Publications, xi+233pp, paperback ISBN 1-57586-260-3, $22.00.
 Announced at

De Kuthy, Kordula (2002) Discontinuous NPs in German: A Case Study of
the Interaction of Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics, CSLI
Publications, x+196pp, paperback ISBN 1-57586-398-7, $28.00, Studies in
Constraint-Based Lexicalism.
 Announced at

Getty, Michael (2002) The Metre of Beowulf: A Constraint-Based
Approach, Mouton de Gruyter, x+370pp, hardback ISBN 3-11-017105-8, EUR
82.24, Topics in English Linguistics 36.
 Announced at

Guilherme, Manuela (2002) Critical Citizens for an Intercultural World:
Foreign Language Education as Cultural Politics, Multilingual Matters,
xiv+296pp, paperback ISBN 1-85359-609-4, Languages for Intercultural
Communication and Education 3.
 Announced at

Gutierrez-Rexach, Javier, ed. (2002) From Words to Discourse: Trends in
Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics, Elsevier Science Ltd, ix+356pp,
hardback ISBN 0-08-043991-8, $80.00, Current Research in the
Semantics/Pragmatics Interface 10.
 Announced at

Jones, Mari and Edith Esch, ed. (2002) Language Change: The Interplay
of Internal, External and Extra-Linguistic Factors, Mouton de Gruyter,
ix+338pp, hardback ISBN 3-11-017202-X, EUR 82.24, Contributions to the
Sociology of Language 86.
 Announced at

Lagae, Veronique, Anne Carlier and Celine Benninger, ed. (2002) Temps
et aspect: de la grammaire au lexique, Rodopi, vii+215pp, paperback
ISBN 90-420-1133-5, $45.00, Cahiers Chronos 10.
 Announced at

Levin, Saul (2002) Semitic and Indo-European II: Comparative
Morphology, Syntax and Phonetics, John Benjamins Publishing Company,
xvii+592pp, hardback ISBN 1-55619-583-4, $99.00, Current Issues in
Linguistic Theory 226.
 Announced at

Nakayama, Mineharu, ed. (2002) Sentence Processing in East Asian
Languages, CSLI Publications, xii+292pp, paperback ISBN 1-57586-308-1,
 Announced at

Paolillo, John C. (2002) Analyzing Linguistic Variation: Statistical
Models and Methods, CSLI Publications, xi+268pp, paperback ISBN
1-57586-276-X, $25.00.
 Announced at

Penny, Ralph (2002) A History of the Spanish Language, 2nd ed.,
Cambridge University Press, xx+398pp, paperback ISBN 0-521-01184-1,
 Announced at

Rosenbach, Anette (2002) Genitive Variation in English: Conceptual
Factors in Synchronic and Diachronic Studies, Mouton de Gruyter,
xii+361pp, hardback ISBN 3-11-017370-0, EUR59.81, Topics in English
Linguistics 42.
 Announced at

Sakita, Tomoko I. (2002) Reporting Discourse, Tense, and Cognition,
Elsevier Science Ltd, xiii+290pp, hardback ISBN 0-08-044041-X, $88.00.
 Announced at

Salaberry, M. Rafael and Yasuhiro Shirai, ed. (2002) The L2 Acquisition
of Tense-Aspect Morphology, John Benjamins Publishing Company, x+487pp,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-217-9, $99.00, Language Acquisition & Language
Disorders 27.
 Announced at
Salvucci, Claudio R., ed. (2002) American Languages in New France:
Extracts from The Jesuit Relations. Evolution Publishing, 333pp,
hardback ISBN 1-889758-35-3, $75.00.
 Announced at

Salvucci, Claudio R., ed. (2002) The Complete American Language
Reprint Series, First edition, CD-Rom ISBN 1-889758-29-9, $260.00.
 Announced at

Stenstrom, Anna-Brita, Gisle Andersen and Ingrid Kristine Hasund (2002)
Trends in Teenage Talk: Corpus Compilation, Analysis and Findings, John
Benjamins Publishing Company, xi+229pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-252-7,
$57.00, Studies in Corpus Linguistics 8.
 Announced at

van Deemter, Kees and Rodger Kibble, ed. (2002) Information Sharing:
Reference and Presupposition in Language Generation and Interpretation,
CSLI Publications, xiii+415pp, paperback ISBN 1-57586-403-7, $30.00.
 Announced at

Wasow, Thomas (2002) Postverbal Behavior, CSLI Publications, xiv+185pp,
paperback ISBN 1-57586-402-9.
 Announced at
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