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Mon Dec 9 2002

Confs: Armenian Linguistics from a Modern Perspective

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  1. j.j.s.weitenberg, Armenian Linguistics from a Modern Perspective, Leiden Netherlands

Message 1: Armenian Linguistics from a Modern Perspective, Leiden Netherlands

Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 09:32:03 +0000
From: j.j.s.weitenberg <>
Subject: Armenian Linguistics from a Modern Perspective, Leiden Netherlands

Armenian Linguistics from a Modern Perspective

Short Title: Armenian Linguistics
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
Date: 30-Mar-2003 - 04-Apr-2003 

Contact Person: Prof.dr. Jos J.S. Weitenberg
Meeting Email:
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): Middle Armenian, Classical Armenian, Armenian
Language Family: Indo-European

Meeting Description: 
The Workshop aims at making up a balance of Armenian Linguistics at
large within the perspective of the academic curriculum. Two specific
goals are to be reached: an assessment of the current state of
Armenian Linguistic research, and, the incorporation of Armenian
Linguistics teaching in a joint Armenian Studies program in
Europe. The planned Workshop on Armenian Linguistics will give an
overview on the state-of-the-art of Armenian Linguistics. Two levels
are intended: a research level and a more practical level. At the
research level the Workshop intends to evaluate the findings of
Armenian Linguistics from a perspective of current linguistic
attitudes. The participants will be specifically be asked to identify
desiderata in their (sub-) fields. The Workshop will try to initiate
joint projects in such areas.

At the practical level, attention will be focused on the academic
curriculum. Within the AIEA efforts are being made to organize a joint
European Master's program in Armenology. The participants of this
Workshop will discuss in how far and in what way Armenian Linguistics
can be part of such a program and whether they can personally
participate in the organization.

The papers of the Workshop will be published as a volume in the
'Handbook of Armenian Studies'. This will be published by Brill in its
series 'Handbuch der Orientalistik'.


The prospective participants will be asked in advance to address in
their papers the points mentioned above: state-of-the-art in their
(sub-)field, identification of desiderata. Their papers will be
published, inasmuch as they meet these criteria. In a round-table
session the contribution of Armenian linguistics to a European joint
academic teaching program will be explored and practical steps will be

At this moment, the preliminary program is as follows (titles are tentative):

Opening Speaker: Prof.dr. Giancarlo Bolognesi: 'Armenian Linguistics
in the 21 century: An Outlook'.

Section 1. Classical Armenian
Keynote Lecture:

Prof.dr. Bernard Coulie, Univ. Cath. Louvain-la-Neuve:
'Language and Text. The Material Basis of Our Research of
Classical Armenian'.

Other lectures:

Dr. Birgit Olsen, Kopenhagen Univ.: 'Armenian Etymology now'
Prof. dr. Frits Kortlandt, Leiden (title to be specified)
Dr. Agnes Ouzounian, INALCO Paris: 'The Study of Classical Armenian Syntax'
Dr. James Clackson, Cambridge Univ.: 'Linguistic Relations in Eastern
Anatolia in Early Byzantine Times'

Section 2. Post-Classical and Middle Armenian
Keynote Lecture:

Prof. dr. Jean-Pierre Mahe, Inst. de France Paris: 'The
Cultural Basis of the Middle Armenian Language'

Other lectures: 

Prof.dr. Liane Hovsepian, Erevan State Univ.: 'The Current Situation
of Middle Armenian Linguistic Studies. The View from Armenia'
Prof. dr. Jos J.S. Weitenberg, Leiden Univ.: 'The Linguistic Character
of Middle Armenian'
Dr. Alessandro Orengo, Pisa: 'Armenian and European Early Grammatical Contacts'
Prof. Moreno Morani, Genoa: 'Greek Influences on the Armenian
Section 3. Modern Armenian
Keynote Lecture: Prof. dr. Kevork Bardakjian, 'The Current Position of
Modern Armenian'

Other lectures:

Prof.dr. Jasmine Dum - Tragut, Salzburg: 'Modern East Armenian and
Language Typology'
Prof.dr. Anaid Donabedian, INALCO Paris: 'Modern Western
Armenian. Current State of Research'
Dr. Michelle Sigler, London: 'Armenian in the European Diaspora'

Section 4. Armenian Dialectology

Keynote Lecture: Prof. dr. Bert Vaux, Harvard Univ.: 'The Current
State of Armenian Dialectology'

Other lectures: 

Dr. Anahit Hanneyan, Academy of Sciences Erevan: 'Dialect Studies in
Armenia. An Overview'
Dr. U. Blaesing, Leiden Univ.: 'Areal Linguistic Features of Armenian
Dialects. A New Research Field'

Round Table Armenian Language in academic education. How can the study
of Armenian be integrated in a joint academic curriculum?
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