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Books: Functional/ Typological Linguistics

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  1. Paul Peranteau, New Book: Functional/Typological Linguistics: Dimensions of Possession

Message 1: New Book: Functional/Typological Linguistics: Dimensions of Possession

Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 12:36:04 -0500
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: New Book: Functional/Typological Linguistics: Dimensions of Possession

A new book from John Benjamins Publishing:

Dimensions of Possession
Irene BARON, Michael HERSLUND and Finn S�RENSEN (Copenhagen Business 
School) (eds.)

Typological Studies in Language 47
2001. vi, 337 pp. Hardcover
US & Canada: 1 58811 062 1 / USD 86.00
Rest of world: 90 272 2951 1 / EUR 95.00

Few linguistic concepts are more elusive than 'possession'. The
present collection of articles, selected from an international
workshop held in Copenhagen in May 1998, confronts the subject from
several angles (lexicon; the semantics of possession and the verb
HAVE; the syntax of genitives and other possessive structures; the
interaction of verbal and nominal constructions; the semantic and
textual implications of the alienable/inalienable distinction, etc.)
and approaches (formal semantics; functional semantics; and syntax as
diachronic and typological comparisons). The languages covered include
both European languages such as Danish, French, Russian, Spanish,
Portuguese and Latin, and several American, Australian, African and
Asian languages. This volume in which the contributing scholars have
sought to examine as many 'dimensions' as possible is of interest to
all linguists, in particular those working in the field of typology
and functional approaches to language.


Part 1:Introduction;
Michael Herslund and Ir�ne Baron:Introduction:Dimensions of Possession;

Part 2:
What is possession?;
Hansjakob Seiler:The operational basis of possession:A dimensional approach 
Ole Togeby:The concept of possession in Danish grammar;Finn 
S�rensen:Possession spaces in Danish;

Part 3:Predicative possession;
William McGregor:The verb 'have 'in Nyulnyulan languages;
Ir�ne Baron and Michael Herslund:Semantics of the verb HAVE;
Per Durst-Andersen:Possessum-oriented and possessor-oriented constructions 
in Russian;
Lars Heltoft:Datives and comitatives as neighbouring spouses:The case of 
indirect objects and comitatives in Danish;

Part 4:Attributive possession;
Inge Bartning:Towards a typology of French NP de NP structures or:How much 
possession is there in complex noun phrases with de in French?;
Henrik H�eg M�ller:Spanish N de N structures from a cognitive perspective;
Martin Riegel:The grammatical category 'Possession' and the part-whole 
relation in French;
�sten Dahl and Masja Koptjevskaja-Tamm:Kinship in grammar;
Anne-Marie Spanoghe:(In)alienability and (in)determination in Portuguese;
Kari Fraurud:Possessives with extensive use:a source of definite articles?;

Part 5:Between predicative and attributive possession;
A.Machtelt Bolkestein:Possessors and experiencers in classical Latin;
Marianne Mithun:The difference a category makes in the expression of 
possession and inalienability;

Part 6:Conclusion;
Bernd Heine:Ways of explaining possession.

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