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Thu Feb 7 2002


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  1. linguistlist reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 00:41:27 -0500 (EST)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review on the Linguist List.
If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact
Simin Karimi at:
When asking to review a book, include the following in your message.
Please do this even if you have given us this information before!

(1) The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review.
 If you are interested in more than one book, list them in rank
 order of preference.
(2) Your full name and highest academic degree received.
(3) Your current affiliation if any.
(4) A short description of your research interests.
(5) A postal address to which the book should be sent.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a copy along
with further instructions. Reviews must be completed within six weeks
of receipt of the book or the book must be returned.

You will note that we have included links to the announcements of
some of these books. We will try to make this a regular feature of
our AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW announcements, so you can get a better idea
about the books before deciding which one you would like to review.


Daelemans, Walter, Khalil Sima'an, Jorn Veenstra, and Jakub Zavrel,
ed. (2001) Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2000. Rodopi,
204pp, paperback ISBN 90-420-1247-1, US$45.00, EUR48,00
Announced at

Xu, De Bao, ed. (2001) Chinese Phonology in Generative Grammar.
Academic Press, x+244pp, hardback ISBN 0-12-767670-8


Andersen, Henning, ed. (2001) Actualization: Linguistic Change in
Progress. John Benjamins Publishing Company, vii+250pp, hardback ISBN
1-58811-081-8, $77.00, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 219

Baker, Mark C. (2001) The Atoms of Language: The Mind's Hidden Rules
of Grammar. Basic Books, xi+276pp, hardback ISBN 0-465-00521-7,
$28.00 US, $42.50 CAN

Baron, Irene, Michael Herslund, and Finn S�rensen (2001) Dimensions of
Possession. John Benjamins Publishing Company, vi+337pp, hardback ISBN
1-58811-062-1, $86.00, Typological Studies in Language 47

Bechtel, William, Pete Mandik, Jennifer Mundale, and Robert S.
Stufflebeam, ed. (2001) Philosophy and the Neurosciences. Blackwell
Publishers, xiv+482pp, paperback ISBN 0-631-21045-8, $19.99

Camps, Joaquim, and Caroline R. Wiltshire, ed. (2001) Romance Syntax,
Semantics and L2 Acquisition. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
xii+246pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-078-8, $73.00, Current Issues in
Linguistic Theory 216

Carnie, Andrew (2001) Syntax: A Generative Introduction. Blackwell
Publishers, xv+390pp, paperback ISBN 0-631-22544-7, $34.00,
Introducing Linguistics series

Cenoz, Jasone, and Fred Genessee, ed. (2001) Trends in Bilingualism.
John Benjamins Publishing Company, xii+288pp, hardback ISBN
1-58811-099-0, $54.95, Trends in Language Acquisition and Research 1

Chambers, J. K., Peter Trudgill, and Natalie Schilling-Estes, ed.
(2001) The Handbook of Language Variation and Change. Blackwell
Publishers, xii+807pp, hardback ISBN 0-631-21803-3, $124.95

Croft, William (2001) Radical Construction Grammar. Oxford University
Press, xxvii+416pp, paperback ISBN 0-19-829954-0, $35.00
Announced at

D'Hulst, Yves, Johan Rooryck, and Jan Schroten, ed. (2001) Romance
Languages and Linguistic Theory 1999. John Benjamins Publishing
Company, viii+406pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-131-8, $86.00, Current
Issues in Linguistic Theory 221
Announced at

Davidson, Donald (2001) Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation, 2nd
edition. Oxford University Press, xxiv+296pp, paperback ISBN
0-19-924629-7, $21.95 (1st ed. 1984)

Dooley, Robert A., and Stephen H. Levinsohn (2001) Analyzing Discourse.
SIL International, viii+165pp, paperback ISBN 1-55671-115-8

Emmorey, Karen (2001) Language, Cognition, and the Brain. Lawrence
Erlbaum Associates, xviii+383pp, paperback ISBN 0-8058-3399-4, $39.95

Gao, Hong (2001) The Physical Foundation of the Patterning of Physical
Action Verbs: A Study of Chinese Verbs. Lund University Press, 265pp,
paperback ISBN 91-974116-3-9

Geest, Thea M. van der (2001) Web Site Design is Communication Design.
John Benjamins Publishing Company, 165pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-010-9,
$34.95, Document Design Companion Series 2

G�rlach, Manfred, ed. (2001) A Dictionary of European Anglicisms.
Oxford University Press, xxvi+352pp, hardback ISBN 0-19-823519-4,

Gross, Joan (2001) Speaking in Other Voices: An Ethnography of Walloon
Puppet Theaters. John Benjamins Publishing Company, xxviii+341pp,
hardback ISBN 1-58811-054-0, $89.00, Pragmatics and Beyond NS 91

Guasti, Maria Theresa (2002) Language Acquisition: The Growth of
Grammar. MIT Press, xv+474pp, hardback ISBN 0-262-07222-X, $55.00
(A Bradford Book)

Harkins, Jean, and Anna Wierzbicka, ed. (2001) Emotions in
Crosslinguistic Perspective. Mouton de Gruyter, vi+421pp, hardback
ISBN 3-11-017064-7, EUR84,00, Cognitive Linguistic Research 17
Announced at

Helasvuo, Marja-Liisa (2001) Syntax in the Making. John Benjamins
Publishing Company, xiv+176pp, hardback ISBN 1-55619-394-7, $73.00,
Studies in Discourse and Grammar 9

Hume, Elizabeth, and Keith Johnson, ed. (2001) The Role of Speech
Perception in Phonology. Academic Press, xviii+282pp, hardback ISBN

Jackendoff, Ray (2001) Foundations of Language. Oxford University
Press, xx+477pp, hardback ISBN 0-19-827012-7, GBP25.00
Announced at

Koerner, E. F. K., and Aleksander Szwedek, ed. (2001) Towards a History
of Linguistics in Poland. John Benjamins Publishing Company,
xxii+335pp, hardback ISBN 1-58811-104-0, $123.00, Studies in the
History of the Language Sciences 102
Announced at

Langbroek, Erika, Arend Quak, Annelies Roeleveld, and Paula Vermeyden,
ed. (2001) Amsterdamer Beitr�ge zur �lteren Germanistik. Rodopi, 289pp,
paperback ISBN $51.50, EUR55,00

Lycan, William G. (2001) Real Conditions. Oxford University Press,
223pp, hardback ISBN 0-49-924207-0, $35.00

McCarthy. John J. (2001) A Thematic Guide to Optimality Theory.
Cambridge University Press, xiv+317pp, hardback ISBN 0-521-79194-4,
Announced at

Smith, Neil (2001) Language, Bananas, and Bonobos. Blackwell
Publishers, viii+150pp, paperback ISBN 0-634-22872-1, $21.95

Sobel, Carolyn P. (2001) The Cognitive Sciences: An Interdisciplinary
Approach. Mayfield Publishing Company (a division of Mc-Graw Hill),
hardback ISBN 0-7674-0213-8, xx+327pp

Weijer, Jeroen van de, and Tetsuo Nishihara, ed. (2001) Issues in
Japanese Phonology and Morphology. Mouton de Gruyter, viii+399pp,
hardback ISBN 3-11-016958-4, Studies in Generative Grammar 51
Announced at
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