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Confs: Anthropological Ling

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  1. abry, Anthropological Ling, Grenoble France

Message 1: Anthropological Ling, Grenoble France

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 15:21:47 +0000
From: abry <>
Subject: Anthropological Ling, Grenoble France

Vocalize to Localize: A Missing Piece in the Puzzling Route Towards Language

Short Title: Vocalize to Localize
Location: Grenoble, France
Date: 30-Jan-2003 - 31-Jan-2003 

Contact Person: Anne Vilain
Meeting Email:
Linguistic Subfield(s): Anthropological Linguistics 

Meeting Description: 

Within the framework of our OMLL project Orofacial control in
communication in human and non-human primates, we are organizing a
conference addressing the issue of ''vocalising to localise'', that is
the necessity to take into account the function of speech in the study
of its development, and to include the eye-hand localisation system as
a fundamental piece in the works on the origins of language. The
compared development and interrelation between these two systems will
be examined during this conference, that will gather scientists from
language acquisition, communication disorders, neurophysiology,
psychology, speech technology, primate behaviour and communication,
and anthropology. 

Provisional Programme

Thursday, January, 30th

8h30: Reception

9h00: Welcome to 'Vocalise to localise', Jean-Luc Schwartz, Head of
ICP (Institut de la Communication Parlée, CNRS-INPG-Stendhal) and
Christian Abry, Head of Linguistic Department (Stendhal University), France.

Session 1
Eye, mouth, hand action-perception systems

Early integration of vision and manipulation.
Giorgio Metta, LIRA-Lab, DIST, University of Genova, Italy, and Paul
Fitzpatrick, AI-Lab, MIT, Cambridge MA, USA

Neandertal was not handicapped to actuate his vocal tract and achieve a
language perceptual space
Louis-Jean Boë, ICP, Grenoble, France

Grooming and speech mirror neurons (Title to be confirmed)
Leonardo Fogassi, Istituto di Fisiologia Umana, Universita di Parma, Italia

11h30-13h00 Poster presentations and demonstrations of works in progress

13h00 - 14h00 Lunch

Session 2
'Monstrate' and Predicate

14h - 14h40
Meerkat alarm calls signal predator class and urgency
Marta Manser, Verhaltensbiologie, Zoologisches Institut, Universität
Zürich, Switzerland

Localisation with Gestures: The Evolutionary Origins of Deixis
David A. Leavens & William D. Hopkins, Division of Psychobiology, Yerkes
National Primate Research Center & Department of Psychology, Berry
College, USA

15h20-15h40 Coffee Break

Intentional communication and the anterior cingulate cortex
Oana Benga, Department of Psychology, Babes-Bolyai University
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Communicative gestures and linguistic signs in the first two years of
life (Title to be confirmed)
Elena Pizzuto, Institute of Psychology, National Research Council, Rome,

17h00- 17h40
Shake, Babble, and Bounce: Developmental Origins of the Gesture-Speech
Link in Infant Vocal-Motor Coordination
Jana M. Iverson, Department of Psychological Sciences, University of
Missouri-Columbia, USA

Friday, January, 31st

Session 2 (continued)
'Monstrate' and Predicate

Spatial Bootstrapping: Localization and the Development of
Predicate-Structure to Sentence Mappings
Peter F. Dominey, Sequential Cognition and Language Group, Institute of
Cognitive Sciences, Lyon, France

Learning language features with a robot (Title to be confirmed)
Luc Steels, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

9h50- 10h30
The frame of speech frame and sign frame
Christian Abry et al., ICP, Grenoble, France

10h30-10h50 Coffee Break

Session 3
Babbling, Signs and Words

The Neurobiology of Gesture in Chimpanzees: Implications for the
Evolution of Human Language and Speech
William D. Hopkins, Division of Psychobiology, Yerkes National Primate
Research Center & Department of Psychology, Berry College, USA

Interweaving Protosign and Protospeech: Further Developments Beyond the
Michael A. Arbib Computer Science, Neuroscience and USC Brain Project,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA

12h10-13h30 Lunch

Interactions of Perceptual Input with Production Constraints in Early
Vocalizations of Hearing-Impaired Infants: Implications for Frame Dominance
Barbara L. Davis & Peter F. MacNeilage, The University of Texas at
Austin, USA

14h10- 14h50
Speech and limb apraxia (Title to be confirmed)
Chris Code, School of Psychology, Washington Singer Labs, University of
Exeter, UK

14h50- 15h30
Baby Talk and the Origin of the Word: A Reconstruction
Peter F. MacNeilage and Barbara L. Davis, The University of Texas at
Austin, USA

15h30-15h50 Coffee Break

15h50-17h00 Closing debate
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