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Mon Dec 23 2002

Qs: Alphabetical Order/Spanish, Minidisc Recorders

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  1. Earl M Herrick, Spanish alphabetical order
  2. Steve Hartman Keiser, Minidisc use in field and lab

Message 1: Spanish alphabetical order

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 10:54:24 +0000
From: Earl M Herrick <>
Subject: Spanish alphabetical order

In 1994, a Congress of the national Spanish language academies changed
the alphabetical order of Spanish so as to treat CH and LL as
sequences of two letters rather than as separate letters. This was
done ''a peticion de varios organismos internactionales'', but I
cannot find just what international groups requested this change or
why they requested it (although I suspect it was done to expedite
international exchange of data). Can anyone give me a reference to
just who made this request or why it was made?

Subject-Language: Spanish; Code: SPN 
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Message 2: Minidisc use in field and lab

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:09:07 +0000
From: Steve Hartman Keiser <>
Subject: Minidisc use in field and lab

In my research I do sociolinguistic interviews and ethnographic
fieldwork and submit data to phonetic analysis (i.e., vowel formant
analysis). I would like to know how portable minidisc recorders have
performed in the field and also back in the lab. Are they
sturdy--that is have the withstood normal abuse any better or worse
than other technologies? How do they perform with respect to the ease
and speed in digitizing, copying, organizing tracks, etc. Right now
I'm considering the Sony MZ-N707. I would happily take
recommendations for (or warnings about) specific recorders and
peripherals too. I will post a summary of responses, if response
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