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Sat Feb 9 2002

Qs: Speech & Composition, CL/LT in Nordic CALL

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  1. Roderick A. Jacobs, Speech and Composition
  2. Lars Borin, CL/LT in Nordic CALL

Message 1: Speech and Composition

Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 21:44:22 -0500
From: Roderick A. Jacobs <>
Subject: Speech and Composition

I'm interested in finding out who, if anyone, has done
empirical research into connections between speech and
composition. I'm aware of some work back in the 1960's
by Jimmy Britton and others in London but know of little
more current dealing with intonation, etc. Rhetoricians
and composition scholars like Peter Elbow frequently refer
to "voice" in writing, a notion that is sometimes related
to speech features, as also do literary critics--I'm
thinking of Reuben Brower for instance on Dryden.

I'll be happy to summarize for the list what I learn.

Roderick A. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Author/Language Consultant
Formerly Dean of College of Languages, Linguistics, & Literature
Emeritus Professor of Linguistics & Second Language Studies
University of Hawai'i
225 East Ponce de Leon Ave, #523
Decatur, GA 30030
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Message 2: CL/LT in Nordic CALL

Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 10:11:29 +0100
From: Lars Borin <>
Subject: CL/LT in Nordic CALL

Dear all,

For two different, but related research projects
we need to make a survey of other research projects, as well as
finished products, where Computational Linguistics (CL) or Language
Technology (LT) resources are used in systems for Computer-Assisted
Language Learning (CALL) of Nordic languages.

For the purposes of this survey, the Nordic languages are all
languages with some official recognition in the Nordic area, i.e. the
national languages Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian-Bokm�l,
Norwegian-Nynorsk and Swedish, the official regional languages Faroese
and Greenlandic Inuit, and the recognized regional or minority
languages Me�nkieli, Romani, S�mi and Yiddish (please do not think too
harshly of me if I have got the terminology wrong or left out some

The CL/LT resources we have in mind are both software (POS taggers,
parsers, machine translation systems, speech recognizers, etc.) and
data (corpora, lexical resources such as wordnets, etc.).

So, if you are involved in such an endeavour, or know about one,
please send me as much information as you can about it. Pointers to
publications and web sites are especially welcome. Please reply to me
directly, and not to the list. I will provide a summary to the list if
there is a sufficient number of replies. BTW: In addition to English,
replies in any of the continental Scandinavian languages or Finnish
will be understood.

Lars Borin
Dept. of Linguistics, Stockholm University, SWEDEN
Dept. of Linguistics, Uppsala University, SWEDEN
email: <>, <>
WWW: <>;
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