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Tue Feb 12 2002

Qs: Comp Ling/Movies, Sung Speech/Analysis Software

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  1. Robert Dale, Computational Linguistics in the Movies
  2. Michael Frishkopf, speech analysis software for sung speech

Message 1: Computational Linguistics in the Movies

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:54:05 +1100
From: Robert Dale <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics in the Movies


My institution is running a series of 'Fact or Fiction?' movies, where
a popular movie is shown, followed by a discussion on the reality or
otherwise of what is portrayed in the movie; and I've been asked to
contribute something in the area of computational linguistics/language
technology/natural language processing. I wonder if anyone on the
list can suggest a good candidate movie?

I'm aware of the earlier discussion on Linguist of 'linguistics in the
movies', but my search of the archives didn't throw up anything that
was specifically a portrayal of NLP. Of course there are various
movies that portray artificial intelligence (the most obvious being of
course Kubrick's '2001'), but I'd rather find something that was more
about the specifically computational linguistic aspects, as opposed to
the more general machine intelligence aspects.

Anyone got any ideas? I will of course summarise responses to the

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Message 2: speech analysis software for sung speech

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 03:51:16 -0700
From: Michael Frishkopf <>
Subject: speech analysis software for sung speech


I am trying to locate a software package capable of analyzing sung
speech, including tools for analyzing formants, loudness, and
(especially) providing *accurate* pitch tracking (even in the presence
of low level background noise or music) and (ideally) pitch histograms
also, as well as enabling user entry of phonetic/phonemic labelled
segments, and (perhaps) other signal processing operations.

The ideal package would be able to handle long excerpts of several
minutes. With some packages priced in the thousands, cost could be an
issue; if you can recommend products at several price levels please

I'd be most grateful for any advice you can provide.

Thank you very much.
Michael Frishkopf

 * * *
Michael Frishkopf
Assistant Professor
Department of Music
Faculty of Arts
University of Alberta
3-82 Fine Arts Building
Edmonton, AB T6G 2C9
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