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Wed Feb 13 2002

Support: 3 PhD positions at Univ Leiden, Netherlands

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  1. Jeroen van de Weijer, Support: 3 PhD positions at Univ Leiden, Netherlands

Message 1: Support: 3 PhD positions at Univ Leiden, Netherlands

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:17:17 +0000
From: Jeroen van de Weijer <>
Subject: Support: 3 PhD positions at Univ Leiden, Netherlands


ULCL invites applications for 3 PhD positions
Linguistic research (3 PhD positions) 
Application number : <to be included; see website>
Deadline: <to be included; see website>

These positions will be embedded within the research institute
Universiteit Leiden Centre for Linguistics (ULCL), which encompasses
generative/formal, cognitive/functional/phonetic and
variationist/typological/historical research. Candidates are invited
to apply by submitting a brief proposal for a research project (for
details, see below). All linguistic projects will be considered. PhD
students will carry out their research project within the framework of
the Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap (LOT, National Research
School of Linguistics) and will take part in the training programme of

Further information: Prof. dr. V.J.J.P. van Heuven, director of ULCL,
tel.: (+31) 71 527 23 19 / e-mail: or dr. J.M. van de Weijer,
coordinator of ULCL, tel.: (+31) 71 527 21 25 / e-mail:

For these positions, the following criteria apply:

a. The project should result in a doctoral thesis defence at the
Leiden Faculty of Arts;

b. A Full Professor from the Faculty should be promotor ('primary
supervisor') of the project;

c. Candidates should have a Master's degree in an Arts department or a
comparable degree that qualifies them for graduate research. This
degree should have been obtained no longer than five years ago. The
undergraduate diploma was preferably awarded a qualification of
excellence. The Master's thesis was awarded a high grade (8 or more on
a scale of 10).

d. The research proposal should be within the research interests of
the research institute.

e. The research project should be of excellent quality; innovative
proposals are preferred.

f. Candidates should have a clear interest in and proven
qualifications for doing research. This should be evident from the
Master's thesis as well as from the course load taken during the BA/MA
training period.

g. Candidates should be able to finish the research project within a
period of four years (or five years in the case of a part-time

The selection of graduate students takes place in two phases. In the
first phase, the candidate offers the following dossier to the

- a letter of application; 

- an outline of the proposed PhD research project. This should
contain: (i) name of the applicant, (ii) name of the prospective
promotor and any other supervisors, if any, (iii) a summary of the
proposed project (maximally one page); 

- a statement of a Full Professor in the institute indicating that, if
the proposal is selected, the Professor is willing to supervise the
further elaboration of the project. This statement implies that this
professor is willing to act as a promotor should the candidate
eventually be elected for the position; 

- a curriculum vitae. This should minimally contain information on the
undergraduate training of the candidate (with copies of the diploma
and an accompanying dossier of courses that have been attended),
relevant professional experience in the area of education and research
and a list of publications, if any. In case a candidate has not (yet)
formally acquired his or her Master's diploma, they should provide the
committee with (i) a list of validated results in the undergraduate
programme so far, (ii) a written assessment of the undergraduate
thesis and (iii) a time schedule for the period leading to graduation.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered!

On the basis of this file a number of the applicants will receive an
invitation to submit an elaborated research proposal to the Faculty.
With the invitation, additional information will be supplied about the
documents to be submitted in the second phase. The second research
proposal should be submitted to the Faculty within one month. An
interview by the selection committee may be part of the second phase
of the procedure.

Appointments are temporary positions, full-time as a rule, for a
period of maximally four years. A 0.8 PhD position (for five years) is
also possible. Candidates with post-Master's experience may apply for
a three or even two-year contract; ceteris paribus such candidates
will be given priority.

As a rule, around 85 per cent of a PhD student's time is reserved for
research and training, the rest of the time is reserved for teaching.
The candidate's willingness and capacity to teach courses, both in the
projected research area as well as in a broader scientific area, plays
a role in the selection procedure. At the time of appointment, a
training and supervision plan will be drawn up.

The salary for PhD students is paid according to the salary scale for
PhD student).

Applications should be submitted to the following address, before xx
February/March <to be included>. Please note the application number 
on all materials!

Faculty of Arts 
Personnel Department 
Mrs. M.J.P. Okker, Head 
Cleveringaplaats 1 
Postbus 9515 
2300 RA Leiden 
The Netherlands

Leiden University encourages women to apply.

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