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Confs: Formal Linguistics, Santa Cruz, USA

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  1. WCCFL-21, WCCFL-21 Program

Message 1: WCCFL-21 Program

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 10:36:36 -0800 (PST)
From: WCCFL-21 <>
Subject: WCCFL-21 Program

We are pleased to announce the program for the 21st West Coast 
Conference on Formal Linguistics. The conference will take place at UC Santa 
Cruz, April 5-7, 2002. The deadline for preregistration is March 20.

Abstracts and practical information are available at

We hope to see you in Santa Cruz this April.

The WCCFl-21 Organizing Committee.

********** WCCFL-21 PROGRAM ******************************************




Session A
9:00-9:30 	Ken Hiraiwa (MIT) 
	 	`Indeterminate-Agreement and Varieties of Raising'

9:30-10:00 	Benjamin Bruening (University of Delaware)
	 	`Raising to Object and Improper Movement'

10:00-10:30 	Jeffrey Lidz (Northwestern University) and 
		Alexander Williams (University of Pennsylvania)
		`Reflexivity and Resultatives'

10:30-10:45 	BREAK

Session B
10:45-11:15 	Gillian Ramchand (Oxford University) and 
		Peter Svenonius (University of Tromsoe)
		`The Lexical Syntax and Lexical Semantics of the Verb-
		Particle Construction'

11:15-11:45	Ida Toivonen (University of Rochester)
		`Verbal Particles and Results in Swedish and English'

11:45-12:15	Lotus Goldberg (McGill University)
		`An Elucidation of Null Direct Object Structures in
		Modern Hebrew'

12:15-12:45	Julie Anne Legate (MIT)
		`Functional Projections in Walpiri'

12:45-2:15	LUNCH

Session C
2:15-2:45 	Travis G. Bradley (UC Davis)
 `Gestural Timing and Derived Environment Effects in
 Norwegian Clusters'

2:45-3:15	Jie Zhang (Harvard University)
		`Contour Tone Licensing and Moraicity'

3:15-3:45	Maria Gouskova (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
		`Syllable Contact as a Relational Hierarchy'

3:45-4:00	BREAK

Session D
4:00-4:30	Mark Gawron (San Diego State University) and 
		Andrew Kehler (UC San Diego)
		`The Semantics of the Adjective `Respective''

4:30-5:00	Daphna Heller (Rutgers University)
		`Possession as a Lexical Relation: Evidence from the Hebrew 
		Construct State'

5:00-5:30	Paul Elbourne (MIT)
		`Extraction from Pronouns'	

5:30-5:45	BREAK

Invited speaker:
5:45-7:05	Joe Pater (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
		`Form and Substance in Phonological Acquisition'


SATURDAY APRIL 6 (Parallel sessions from 9 til 12:15)

Session E
9:00-9:30	Shinichiro Ishihara (MIT)
		`Invisible but Audible Agreement: Wh-question and 
		Deaccenting in Japanese'

9:30-10:00	Jason Merchant (University of Chicago)
		`PF Output Constraints and Elliptical Repair in SAI

10:00-10:30	Ash Asudeh (Stanford University and PARC) and 
		Richard Crouch (PARC)
		`Derivational Parallelism and Ellipsis Parallelism'

in parallel with

Session F
9:00-9:30	Robert Kennedy (University of Arizona)
		`A Stress-Based Approach to Ponopean Reduplication'

9:30-10:00	Nicole Nelson (UC Irvine)
		`Deriving the "Prefixing" Preference in Reduplication'

10:00-10:30	Adam Albright (UCLA)
		`A Restricted Model of UR Discovery: 
		Evidence from Lakhota'

10:30-10:45	BREAK

Session G
10:45-11:15	Shin-Sook Kim (Universitaet Konstanz)
		`Focus Matters: Two Types of Intervention Effect'

11:15-11:45	Elsi Kaiser (University of Pennsylvania)
		`Case Alternations, Disjunction and Questions'

11:45-12:15	Sei-Rang Oh (University of Connecticut)
		`Decomposing "One at a Time"'
in parallel with

Session H
10:45-11:15 Loren Allen Billings (Providence University) and
 Abigail Wildman Konopasky (Duke University)
 `Morphology's Role in Ordering Verb-adjacent Clitics'

11:15-11:45 Roland Pfau (University of Amsterdam) and
		Markus Steinbach (University of Mainz)
 `Optimal Reciprocals in German Sign Language'

11:45-12:15	Graham Horwood (Rutgers University)
		`Relational Faithfulness and Conflicting


12:30-2:15	LUNCH

Session I
2:15-2:45	Ora Matushansky (MIT)
		`A Beauty of a Construction'

2:45-3:15	David Adger (University of York) and 
		Gillian Ramchand (Oxford University)
		`Predication and Equation'

3:15-3:45	John Foreman (UCLA)
		`These Deictic Words Here'

3:45-4:00	BREAK

Session J
4:00-4:30	Bruce Tesar (Rutgers University)
 `Enforcing Grammatical Restrictiveness Can Help
 Resolve Structural Ambiguity'

4:30-5:00	Nathan Sanders (UC Santa Cruz)
		`Dispersion in OT: Color Contrast in Middle Polish
		Nasal Vowels'

5:00-5:30	Ji-yung Kim (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
		`Ablaut as Feature Coalescence'

5:30-5:45	BREAK

Invited speaker:
5:45-7:05	Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh)
		title `TBA'



Session K
9:00-9:30	Elliot Moreton (Johns Hopkins University) and 
		Paul Smolensky (Johns Hopkins University)
		`Typological Consequences of Local Constraint

9:30-10:00 Evan Mellander (McGill University)
 `On Rhythmic Asymmetries in Metrical Groupings'

10:00-10:30	Meghan Sumner (SUNY Stony Brook)
		`The Psycholinguistic Reality of Abstract Representation'

10:30-10:45	BREAK

Session L
10:45-11:15	Jeffrey T. Runner (University of Rochester),
		Rachel S. Sussman (University of Rochester), and
		Michael K. Tanenhaus (University of Rochester)
		`Logophors in Possessed Picture Noun Phrases'

11:15-11:45	Rose-Marie Dechaine (University of British Columbia) and
		Martina Wiltschko (University of British Columbia and 
				 University of Vienna)
		`Deriving Reflexives'

11:45-12:00	BREAK

Invited speaker:
12:00-1:20	Irene Heim (MIT)
		title `TBA'


David Beaver (Stanford University) and Brady Clark (Stanford University) 
`The Proper Treatments of Focus Sensitivity'

Daniel Buering (UCLA) 
`Attributes Stranded By A'-Movement'

Dasha Kavitskaya (Yale University)
`Triggers and Alternations in Compensatory Lengthening'

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