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Confs: Romance Languages, University of Toronto

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  1. yves.roberge, LSRL 32 - Program

Message 1: LSRL 32 - Program

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:26:29 -0500 (EST)
From: yves.roberge <>
Subject: LSRL 32 - Program

Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 32)
University of Toronto - April 19-21, 2002

Conference Web page:

Preliminary Program

Friday April 19, 2002

Welcoming remarks

Invited Speaker: Juana Liceras (University of Ottawa)
Title: TBA

Session 1: Syntax

1. Heloisa Maria M. Lima-Salles (Universidade de Bras�lia)
Infinitive clauses as substitutes for subjunctive clauses in Brazilian Potuguese

2. Paul Law (Freie Universit�t, Berlin)
Participial agreement and auxiliary selection in Spanish and French

3. Dan Brassil (University of California, San Diego)
Periphrasis, standard lexicalism and realizational lexicalism

Parasession: Acquisition

1. Ludovica Serratrice (York University)
Referential subjects in the acquisition of Italian

2. Teresa Satterfield (University of Michigan)
OPC effects and learnability in Brazilian Portuguese

3. Bernadette Plunkett (University of York)
Incremental setting of agreement parameters in child French

Session 1: Semantics

1. Javier Guti�rrez-Rexach & Chad Howe (Ohio State University)
Selective and unselective manner operators

2. J. Marc Authier & Lisa A. Reed (The Pennsylvania State University)
Scope freezing and the Faire-par construction

3. Chiyo Nishida (University of Texas-Austin)
"Reflexive" intransitive constructions in Spanish

Session 2: Phonology

1. Julie Auger & Brian Jos� (Indiana University)
Progressive and regressive assimilation in Picard

2. Caroline R. Wiltshire (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Prefix boundaries in non-derivational phonology

3. Jean-Pierre Montreuil (The University of Texas at Austin)
Opacity in Surmiran: the shape of rimes


Session 1: Syntax

1. Christina Tortora (College of Staten Island/CUNY)
On prepositions and spatial inalienable possession

2. Mar�a Cristina Cuervo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
A Control-vs-Raising theory of dative experiencers

3. Karen Lahousse (K.U. Leuven / Paris 8)
French stylistic inversion: one name, two realities

Parasession: Acquisition

1. Julia Berger-Morales (University of California, Los Angeles) & Manola 
Salustri (University of Siena)
Supporting the Separate Systems Hypothesis: A case study in bilingual 
acquisition of Italian and German

2. Philippe Pr�vost (Universit� Laval)
Root infinitives in adult L2 French: a longitudinal study

3. Cristina Dye (Cornell University), Claire Foley (Morehead State University) & 
Barbara Lust (Cornell University)
Dissociating finiteness from morphology: New evidence from the acquisition of 
verbal inflection in French

Saturday April 20, 2002

Invited Speaker: Andrea Calabrese (University of Connecticut)
Title: TBA

Session 1: Syntax

1. Karlos Arregi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Clitic Left Dislocation is contrastive topicalisation

2. Gabriela Alboiu (University of Toronto)
Operator asymmetries in Romanian: syntax and/or phonology?

3. Thimothy L. Face (University of Minnesota) & Mariapaola D'Imperio (Universit� 
de Provence)
Reconsidering a focal typology: Evidence from Spanish and Italian

Parasession: Acquisition

1. Aafke Hulk (University of Amsterdam), Leonie Cornips (Meertens Institute, 
Amsterdam) & Janneke Peet (Utrecht University)
Acquiring the syntax of beaucoup "at a distance" as a bilingual child: an 
experimental study 

2. Carla Soares (Universit� Paris 8)
XP and (no) X0 movement to the left periphery in child European Portuguese

3. Barbara Bullock (Penn State University) & Gillian Lord (University of 
Analogy as a learning tool in the acquisition of L2 phonology

Session 1: Syntax

1. Violeta Demonte & Olga Fern�ndez-Soriano (Universidad Aut�noma de Madrid)
Features in Comp and dialectal variation: the case of "Deque�smo" in Spanish

2. Sandra Paoli (Universities of Manchester and Padua)
The Double Complementizer Construction (DCC)

Session 2: Historical

1. Randall Gess (University of Utah)
Consonant loss and vowell loss in Historical French: a unified cue-competition 

2. Haike Jacobs (University of Nijmegen)
Foot-based vowel deletion in OT: Syncope in the prosodic phonology of Latin

Session 1: Semantics

1. Marie Labelle (Universit� du Qu�bec � Montr�al)
Events, states and the French imparfait

2. Claudia Borgonovo (Universit� Laval)
On polarity subjunctive

3. Luis A. Par�s (University at Albany, SUNY and University at Buffalo, SUNY)
A definition of 'Manner' and its role in the subtyping of the Spanish gerund 

Session 2: Phonology

1. Garry K. Baker & Caroline R. Wiltshire (University of Florida, Gainesville)
An OT treatment of palatal fortition in Argentinian Spanish

2. Barbara Bullock, Kathleen Farrell & Lawrence Williams (Penn State University)
Constraints on allomorphy in L2 French

3. Travis G. Bradley (University of California, Davis)
Gestural timing and the resolution of /Cr/ clusters in Romance

Invited Speaker: Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena)
Title: TBA

Banquet with an address by Edward N. Burstynsky: Romance Linguistics at UofT

Sunday April 21, 2002

Invited Speaker: Marie-Th�r�se Vinet (Universit� de Sherbrooke)
Title: TBA

Session 1: Syntax

1. Francisco Ord��ez (University of Illinois- Urbana)
The adjunction possibilities of clitic combinations in Romance

2. Paul Hirschb�hler (Universit� d'Ottawa) & Marie Labelle (Universit� du Qu�bec 
� Montr�al)
Residual Tobler-Mussafia effects in French dialects

3. Ana Castro & Jo�o Costa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Weak forms as X0: prenominal possessives and preverbal adverbs in Portuguese

4. Susana Bejar & Milan Rezac (University of Toronto)
Asymmetric Agree and the derivation of PCC effects

Parasession: Acquisition

1. Larisa Avram (Bucharest University) & Martine Coene (Antwerp University - 
Why is it difficult to reach Agreement?

2. Erica van Lente (University of Groningen)
The French delay of Principle B effect: Due to the underspecification of number?

3. Silvina Montrul (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
The unacusative / unergative distinction in Spanish L2 acquisition

4. Elena Nicoladis & Eliza von Baeyer (University of Alberta)
Children's acquisition of Verb-Object compounds in French

Mar�a Irene Moyna (San Diego State University)
 Compounding in Medieval Spanish
Gilles Boy� (Universit� Nancy 2) & Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (ESA 7023 CNRS et 
Universit� Paris 8)
 The distribution of prethematic vowels in Spanish verbs
Jaume Mateu (Universitat Aut�noma de Barcelona)
 Why we can't bake a cake: a lexical syntactic approach to verbal polysemy
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