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Tue Feb 26 2002

Qs: Lexical Cohesion, Bulgarian-German/Fr Corpus

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  1. Cristina Gras, lexical cohesion
  2. Svetoslav Veltchev Marinov, Bulgarian - ??? Parallel Corpus

Message 1: lexical cohesion

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:03:23 +0100
From: Cristina Gras <>
Subject: lexical cohesion

Dear Colleagues:

I've just started my PhD dissertation work on "lexical cohesion on
business news reports" and would very much like to get updated
references on recent advances or issues in genre analysis/register
studies/cohesion and coherence/a-nouns. Are you carrying out reseach
related to these areas? Could you please let me know?

I would really appreciate your reply, and would be in touch with those
of you who are working in the above mentioned areas Look forward to
hearing from you.

All the best

Cristina Gras Camarena
Departamento de Idiomas
C/ Rei En Jaume I, n� 2
46470 Catarroja Spain

Tlf: 96 122 0389

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Message 2: Bulgarian - ??? Parallel Corpus

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:41:54 GMT
From: Svetoslav Veltchev Marinov <>
Subject: Bulgarian - ??? Parallel Corpus

Dear linguists,

I am wondering whether anyone has not heard of an existing Bulgarian -
English/German/French/... parallel corpus. It should preferably be
tagged. The idea is that it should be used in a project for
word-disambiguation, word-net.

Thank you in advance!


Svetoslav Marinov
Department of
Computational Linguistics 
University of Bergen
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