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Books: Grammar

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  1. LINCOM EUROPA, New books: Danish grammar

Message 1: New books: Danish grammar

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:13:32 +0100
Subject: New books: Danish grammar

Copenhagen Business School

Danish, a Scandinavian (North Germanic) language, is spoken by about
5.5 million people in Denmark and by minorities in Schleswig (Northern
Germany). It is also used as a second language in Greenland and the
Faroe Islands. In its phonology, Danish is like the other Scandinavian
languages a two accent language, the two word tones of Swedish and
Norwegian correspond to presence and absence of a glottal catch (the
so called st�d). A rather simple consonantal system is supplemented by
an extraordinary rich array of vowels. The morphology is like that of
the other Scandinavian languages relatively simple: no inflection for
case, no inflection for person in the verb, and only two verb tenses,
present and preterite, but contrary to both English and German there
is an inflectional passive.

This morphological simplicity is however compensated for syntactically
by an extended use of prepositions in the transitivity system, and a
heavy reliance on prosody, and especially morpheme and word order,
both within the phrase and within the clause, so that Danish
grammarians tend to view the topology as an independent semiotic level
and indeed the basic organisational principle of Danish syntax. Major
focuses will therefore be on topics such as transitivity and word

Michael Herslund, dr.phil., Professor of French Linguistics, Faculty of
Modern Languages, Copenhagen Business School.

ISBN 3 89586 396 3.
Languages of the World/Materials 382
Ca. 100pp. USD 38 / EUR 38 / � 24.

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