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Thu Feb 28 2002

Software: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW, Concordance 3.0

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  1. Reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW -- Concordance, Version 3.0

Message 1: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW -- Concordance, Version 3.0

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 22:15:47 -0500 (EST)
From: Reviews <>
Subject: AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW -- Concordance, Version 3.0

The LINGUIST list is seeking two reviewers for the software
package release described below. The developer, Rob Watt,
is a "supporting publisher", which entitles him to have his
package reviewed of LINGUIST.

We hope that these reviews will revive LINGUIST's practice
of reviewing software of interest to linguists, and encourage
other developers to become LINGUIST supporters and offer their
material for review. Please note that developers of "freeware"
or of packages costing less than USD50 do not need to become
supporting publishers in order to have their software reviewed.
Those who are interested in having their software reviewed
should send a message to with the
kind of information about the product comparable to what you
find here.

If after reading the description of this software package you
decide that you are interested in reviewing it, please send an
email message to that effect to Terry Langendoen at

Your message should contain the following information.

1. Your full name and email address.
2. A statement of your qualifications to do the review, including
 access to a computer on which you can run the software

Please do not provide a URL where you describe your qualifications.
Send the information as plain text in the body of your message.

If you are selected to do a review of this software, Terry will put
you in touch with Rob Watt so that you can download it and install
it on your equipment. Your review is due within six weeks of your
selection as a reviewer. It will be posted as a "Reviews" issue,
as has been our practice in the past.

I am pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of Concordance.

For Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP, Concordance is a
text analysis program which makes word lists and
concordances from electronic text. First released in 1999,
Concordance now has registered users in 41 countries and
is the leading software of its kind. It is available now at

Concordance lets you track all occurrences of any word and
examine meaning, word usage, vocabulary, and idiom.
Useful in language learning, linguistics, language
engineering, translation, lexicography, natural language
software development, and for content analysis in many
disciplines. With a single click you can turn your results
into a Web Concordance ready for publishing on the Web.

What's new in Version 3.0 - some highlights:
- --------------------------------------------------------------

 -Five new ways of selecting words:
 Proximity search
 Regular Expression search
 -Make Indexes
 Book-like indexing
 -More control over words
 Treat upper and lower case separately
 Show duplicate words separately
 Analyse characters instead of words
 -New ways of sorting
 Sort headwords by order of occurrence
 Sort word endings using a string sort
 Sort contexts by string before and string after headword
-Improved language support
 Including East Asian languages on Windows 2000/XP
 -Improved display and control
 -New file conversion tool: Filter a File
 -User-definable HTML entity translation
 -Speed improvements

 For a fuller description of new features, see

Concordance - main features and abilities
- ---------------------------------------------------

You can make full concordances to texts of any size, or
make fast concordances, picking your selection of words
from text. View a full word list, a concordance, and your
original text simultaneously. See frequencies and
collocation counts for every word. A Lemmatiser lets you
group together any words you choose. Make concordances
straight from any Windows program which can put text on
the Clipboard. Make concordances from multiple input files.
Stop Lists let you specify words to be omitted from your
concordance. Support is included for most Western
languages and character sets. User-definable alphabet,
reference system, and contexts. Very flexible search,
selection, and sorting criteria. Statistics on your text; word
length charts. Full print preview and printing control. Built-in
file viewer can display files of unlimited size. Built-in editor
allows fast editing of files up to 16MB. Extensive on-line

Concordance is fully copyrighted. A 30-day free trial of the
fully-working version is available for download, for personal
evaluation only. For use beyond the terms of the 30-day
trial, a registration must be purchased from the author.

For further information and to download the software, go to
the program's website at

System requirements
- --------------------------

The software is for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP, and Windows 95,
98, and ME and successors. There is no version available for
Windows 3.1.

Mac users: There is no native version for the Mac, but plenty of users
have reported that the program runs on a Mac using a PC emulator,
though this may be slow.

The minimum amount of RAM required will depend on the
configuration of your system. As with Windows in general, the more
RAM, the better it will work. 32MB might be regarded as a sensible

The software uses around 4MB of disk space when installed. Making
concordances to large texts can use a lot of disk space!

Rob Watt

Home page:

Key features and abilities:

Download page:
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