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Thu Mar 7 2002

Qs: Semantics: "Literal", EFL Copy Books

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  1. Sarah Kuo Moyer Stevens, Semantics: 'Literal'
  2. M-S Mak, EFL copy books

Message 1: Semantics: 'Literal'

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 20:24:28 -0700
From: Sarah Kuo Moyer Stevens <>
Subject: Semantics: 'Literal'

I am an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University majoring in
Linguistics. For part of my Honors thesis, I have decided to study
the meaning of the word 'literal,' because it is a word that seems to
be used often in linguistic literature and textbooks, but is rarely
completely defined. I have conducted a statistical analysis on
examples polled from the internet using Google as the search engine.
Although this analysis is mainly focused on the current uses of the
word 'literal' in mainstream language use, I am also very interested
in the uses of the word in the linguistic academic setting. If you
know of any paper or discussion addressing this topic, I would be very
interested in it. More importantly, however, I am interested in
getting the opinions of linguists. I would like to know if the word
'literal' is considered a problem word in academic circles, what its
meaning is commonly held to be, and any opinions linguists might have
on the use of the word. At the end of my paper, I hope to make some
statements on how mainstream uses of the word affect its academic
uses, but I would like to get a clearer picture of what effects they
are having right now. Any other feedback, encouragement, criticism,
or advice would be welcome. I will post a summary of the responses.
And I will also post my conclusions in my paper at the end of the

Thank you!
Sarah Stevens
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Message 2: EFL copy books

Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 06:37:25 +0000
From: M-S Mak <>
Subject: EFL copy books

Does anyone know what fonts are used and the sizes in copy books for 
teaching primary school EFL learners to print English letters and words.
Thank you!
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