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TOC: Southwest Journal of Linguistics, Vol.20 No.2

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Message 1: TOC Southwest Journal of Linguistics

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 15:23:22 -0700 (MST)
From: Dan Villa <dvillacrl.NMSU.Edu>
Subject: TOC Southwest Journal of Linguistics


December issue of the Southwest Journal of Linguistics
Volume 20, number 2

For the abstracts of these articles, as well as those of recent volumes of
SWJL, please see:

Jill Brody: 
>From conquistadors to Zapatistas: Language contact, change, and judgments
of authenticity 

Brigitte L.M. Bauer: 
Variability in word order: Adjectives and comparatives in Latin, Romance,
and Germanic 

Lida Dutkova-Cope: 
The language of Czech Moravians in Texas: "Do you know what parknu karu u
hauza means?" 

David Eddington: 
Surface analogy and spelling rules in English vowel alternations 

Elly van Gelderen: 
The Force of ForceP in English 

Joke Mondada: 
Characters in the narrative 'Kompa Nanzi i Cha Tiger': A Hallidayan

Misumi Sadler: 
Iconically motivated use of the Japanese discourse markers sorede, nde and
de in conversation 

Allison D. Smith: 
Review of Language alive in the classroom, Ed. by Rebecca S. Wheeler
(1999, Praeger) 

Thematic Supplement: 
Studies in language contact: Spanish in the U.S. and the Caribbean 

Luis A. Ortiz Lopez: 
El sistema verbal del Espanyol hatiano en Cuba: Implicaciones para las
lenguas en contacto en el Caribe 

Arnulfo G. Ramirez: 
Lexical characteristics of Southwest Spanish and the Atlas linguistico de

Susana V. Rivera-Mills: 
Acculturation and communicative need: Language shift in an ethnically
diverse Hispanic community

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