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TOC: Language Sciences, Vol.24 No.3-4

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  1. Neden, Julie (ELS), FW: ContentsDirect - Language Sciences, 00867, Vol 24 Iss 3 - 4

Message 1: FW: ContentsDirect - Language Sciences, 00867, Vol 24 Iss 3 - 4

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 06:27:57 -0500
From: Neden, Julie (ELS) <>
Subject: FW: ContentsDirect - Language Sciences, 00867, Vol 24 Iss 3 - 4


Journal: Language Sciences
ISSN : 0388-0001
Volume : 24
Issue : 3-4
Date : May-2002

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R. Hickey
pp 187-188

The development of 'strengthened' possessive pronouns in English
C.L. Allen
pp 189-211

On the prehistory of Old English hlaefdige
A. Bammesberger
pp 213-219

Northern fronting and the north Lincolnshire merger of the reflexes
of ME /u:/ and ME /o:/
D. Britton
pp 221-229

Inflections in the two manuscripts of Laamon's Brut
J. Fisiak, M. Krygier
pp 231-245

Servant or patron? Jacob Tonson and the language of deference and
S. Fitzmaurice
pp 247-260

Internal and external forces again: changes in word order in Old
English and Old Irish
R. Hickey
pp 261-283

Sexist German- non-sexist English or non-sexist German-sexist
English? Historical observations on a pragmatic question
D. Kastovsky, C. Dalton-Puffer
pp 285-296

Corpus-provoked questions about negation in early Middle English
M. Laing
pp 297-321

Exaptation and English stress
C. McCully
pp 323-344

Endogeny versus contact revisited: aspectual busy in South African
R. Mesthrie
pp 345-358

Fairly pretty or pretty fair? On the development and
grammaticalization of English downtoners
T. Nevalainen, M. Rissanen
pp 359-380

Morphological case and word order in Old English
S. Pintzuk
pp 381-395

The Modal Elements mos and maskie in Cape Dutch
P. Roberge
pp 397-408

Of vowel shifts great, small, long and short
H. Schendl, N. Ritt
pp 409-421

Middle French: When? What? Why?
J.C. Smith
pp 423-445

Interpreting the Old and Middle English close vowels
R. Stockwell, D. Minkova
pp 447-457

Robert Lowth and the strong verb system
I. Tieken-Boon van Ostade
pp 459-469

Code-intermediate phenomena in medieval mixed-language business texts
L. Wright
pp 471-489

Corrigendum to ''Why brains matter: an integrational perspective on
the symbolic species'' [Language Sciences 24 (2002) 73-98]^*
S.J. Cowley
pp 491

Forthcoming Articles
pp I

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